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The Gospel of John also depicts Peter fishing, even after the resurrection of Jesus, in the story of the Catch of fish.

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Book this using the German Railways website www. The river will be on the right hand side. There are also several deluxe sleepers with en suite toilet and shower. There's a shower at the end of the corridor for passengers in the regular sleepers. You can also check prices for this train at www. You'll usually find an More information about Nightjets.

Austrian couchette car or liegewagen ICE3 2nd class seats. ICE3 1st class, with leather seats. Option 1, Vienna to Amsterdam in a single day - the high-speed daytime option You can travel from Vienna to Amsterdam in one leisurely chill-out day, with one easy change at Frankfurt, on comfortable even luxurious German ICE trains across 3 different countries.

You can easily check times and buy tickets from Vienna to Amsterdam at either www. It's worth also checking prices at the Austrian Railways website www. It's often cheaper to split the booking, especially if you only see expensive prices when you try booking as one journey: How about a stopover in Nuremberg or Cologne? Both cities are worth a stop, in Cologne the cathedral is right next to the station, and in Nuremberg there's a pleasant old town, a railway museum and the historic Party Rally Grounds.

You can stop for 3 hours and still do the journey in a day, or stop overnight and have a more leisurely look round. To programme in a stopover, use www. You can have up to 2 stopovers each of up to 48 hours and still get an end-to-end sparpreis fare. You can also book this train at www. Step 1, take a Nightjet sleeper from Vienna to Cologne.

This is a Comfortline sleeping-car as now used on the Nightjet train from Vienna to Cologne Option 1, using Vienna-Koblenz sleeper train - the time-effective option This train has modern Austrian couchettes and a sleeping-car, see the Nightjet sleeper train page.

You can book this train at either www. Step 2, now book a ticket from Koblenz to Luxembourg at the German railways website www. Alternatively, you can travel from Vienna to Luxembourg by daytime trains in a single day with as few as one change at Koblenz.

For the best price, split the booking like this: The reason you split the booking is that Trier is in Germany, and cheap sparpreis fares are only available for journeys to or from Germany.

Option 1, by daytime railjet train - the scenic option, through the wonderful Arlberg Pass The scenery through the Tirol via the Arlberg pass is superb, watch the Arlberg Pass video to see for yourself. You can buy tickets from Vienna to almost any Swiss station at either www.

Booking opens up to days ahead, you print your own ticket. Incidentally, I get a lot of people who think they will save money by using their Swiss Pass for the Swiss part of the journey. But if let's say Trainline. So check prices before wasting a Swiss Pass day! Option 2, by Nightjet sleeper train - the time-effective option See the Nightjet information page.

Book this sleeper train at www. In the search results you may see a second sleeper train leaving Vienna around By all means take this if you really need to be in Vienna until late, but otherwise I'd stick with the Austrian Nightjet leaving It's usually much cheaper than buying a separate onward ticket!

Double-deck sleeping-car on the Vienna-Zurich Nightjet, at Zurich. Saves a hotel bill too A Nightjet sleeper train leaves Vienna Hbf every day at There's a shower at the end of the sleeping-car corridor for passengers in the regular sleepers.

The sleeper fare includes a complimentary sparkling wine on departure and breakfast served in your compartment. The couchette fare includes a light breakfast. Buy tickets online at either www. If it won't let you select the couchette or sleeper you want, try choosing a higher semi-flexible fare. Booking usually opens up to days ahead. Do not use Trenitalia. Austrian couchette car or liegewagen. Watch the video, Vienna to Venice by railjet.

The morning railjet train leaves Vienna Hbf at The afternoon railjet train leaves Vienna Hbf at Booking opens up to days ahead.

Buy tickets online at www. Onward tickets from Venice to Florence, Rome, Naples and other Italian destinations should be booked separately at either www. Whichever site you use, high-speed trains in Italy are ticketless, you simply quote your booking reference on board the train. I'd allow at least 45 minutes in Venice to make a connection, in case of any delay.

You take a fast railjet train west to Innsbruck and change for one of the comfortable Austrian EuroCity trains running south through the Brenner Pass to Verona, with one a day continuing to Bologna, one of two per day continuing to Venice.

To buy tickets the easy way, book from Vienna to your Italian destination all in one go at www. The critical thing here is to look through the search results really carefully with brain engaged. A journey to Florence or Rome or Naples should have no more than 2 changes, and if one of those changes is at Rosenheim, Jenbach or Innsbruck then the system is routing you via the Brenner Pass.

The other change will be at either Verona or Bologna. If a journey you find this way suits you, go ahead and buy. If not, read on To buy tickets with more control so you can ensure longer more robust connections for example, first use www. That's because the fare shown covers the Austrian train from Vienna to Innsbruck and the Austrian EuroCity from Innsbruck to Verona, Bologna or Venice depending on the service , but does not cover any Italian domestic train, which will be greyed out.

The Austrian Railways website cannot sell tickets for Italian domestic journeys. So you now just need to book this Italian domestic section separately at www. High-speed trains in Italy are ticketless, you simply quote your booking reference on board the train. I'd allow at least 40 minutes in Verona or Bologna between trains.

For example the Or take the Like I said, it's a longer way round then the direct route via Semmering! Sometimes in 6-seat compartments. Mountain scenery on the Brenner route Watch out for hilltop fortresses See the Brenner Pass scenery video here. By daytime trains with overnight stop in Geneva Change in Zurich onto a comfortable Swiss domestic train to Geneva. There are several departures to choose from, but the best is arguably the Put your feet up and enjoy the ride, have dinner in the restaurant car, watch this video to see what the scenery is like in the Arlberg Pass.

Book from Vienna to Geneva as one transaction at either www. Stay overnight in Geneva. Step 2, travel by train from Geneva to Barcelona. Usually you'll find a TER regional train leaving Geneva at Book this at either www.

You usually print your own ticket. What's the journey like? Step 3, stay overnight in Barcelona see suggested hotels near the station and book onward high-speed trains from Barcelona to Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Alicante etc, using www.

Seen from the train and one of the highest peaks in the mighty Pyrenees, the 2,m 9, feet high Mt Canigou dominates the skyline all the way from Girona to Perpignan It's perfectly possible to travel from Vienna to Lisbon or Porto or Faro by train, in great comfort.

The whole journey takes 3 nights. Travel from Vienna to Barcelona as shown above. You'll need to overnight in Barcelona, see suggested hotels near the station. Travel from Barcelona to Lisbon as shown here. Option 1, via Paris Travel from Vienna to Paris as shown above. Travel from Paris to Lisbon as shown here. Courtesy of Ron Baker. Gran Clase sleeper, in evening mode with the seats folded out Option 1, by day trains to anywhere in Germany - the fast daytime option You print your own ticket or can simply show it on your smartphone or laptop screen.

You can buy a ticket from Vienna to anywhere in Germany using www. I recommend registering when prompted, so you can always log in and check or re-print all your bookings. It's also worth checking prices on the Austrian Railways site www. Option 2, by Nightjet sleeper train - the comfortable time-effective option Vienna Hbf depart You can book these online at www. But what if you don't want to commit to a specific departure way in advance?

What if you have left it too late to get a cheap ticket? Simply use the hourly double-decker Westbahn trains from Vienna Hbf or Vienna Westbahnhof to Salzburg connecting with the regional Meridian trains every hour from Salzburg to Munich.

Buy the Bayern Ticket at the station in Salzburg on the day or online as shown here. More info on Bayern Tickets. You can check Meridian times and prices at www. All these tickets have unlimited availability at these prices - they cannot sell out!

Westbahn double-deck train on the Salzburg-Vienna route. Click here for virtual tour of a Westbahn train Back to top. The German Railways website www. In the search results, look for an easy journey with just 1 change.

Make sure you sit on the right hand side of the train going north from Prague towards Dresden. On the other hand, students of more recent history may prefer a stop in Nuremberg. It's just 4h10 by train from Vienna to Nuremberg, then 3h20 from Nuremberg to Berlin. Consider a stopover in Prague Prague's historic old town square is only 15 minutes walk from Prague Hlavni station.

For lunch in Prague, consider a 6 minute m walk from the station to the Restaurant Zvonice www. A stopover in Dresden is also possible, instead of or in addition to Prague, booked in the same way. Consider a stopover in Nuremberg In Nuremberg there's a pleasant old town, a railway museum and of course the infamous but thought-provoking Party Rally Grounds take tram 9 from outside Nuremberg Hbf, it's well worth the trip. There are left luggage lockers in Nuremberg for your bags.

Check Austrian Railways www. You also print your own ticket. This is the same as option 1, but with an overnight stop in Prague, so it's time-effective and you can spend an evening in Prague. Day 1, take any railjet train you like from Vienna to Prague in 3h But by all means take an earlier train and have an evening or an afternoon in Prague. Stay overnight in Prague. For dinner in Prague, consider a 6 minute m walk to the Restaurant Zvonice www. It's usually open until midnight, ideal if you're catching a sleeper.

Day 2, take any EuroCity train you like from Prague to Berlin in 4h It's cheapest to book this as one journey from Vienna to Berlin at www. Simply click Add intermediate stops , enter Prague and a duration of around 9 hours - I have set up this link to do that for you.

A meal in the Czech restaurant car as the Berlin-Prague express snakes along the beautiful Elbe river south of Dresden.

Photo courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry. Option 3, Vienna to Berlin by direct EuroNight sleeper train. In spite of being popular with passengers, the Vienna-Berlin 'Metropol' was discontinued as from the timetable change on 10 December , the usual railway politics and mishandling. You can still take the sleeper from Vienna to Prague then take a daytime train from Prague on to Berlin, like this: Step 1, take the sleeper train from Vienna to Prague, leaving Vienna Hbf at Morning tea or coffee is included in the fare in the sleepers.

Have a full breakfast in Prague. You can also book it at Austrian Railways www. This is a lovely scenic journey along the Elbe River valley between Prague and Dresden. By all means spend a pleasant morning in Prague and book a later train to Berlin, trains leave every 2 hours. Left luggage is available.

Good news, a direct Vienna-Berlin sleeper train now looks set to resume from the timetable change on 9 December , leaving Vienna at Details will appear here nearer the time. It will run via Poland rather than through Prague. A Czech sleeping-car of the type used on this train. Each room can be used with 1, 2 or 3 beds. Just like a hotel, the corridor in a Comfortline sleeping-car. There's a shower at end of the corridor for standard sleeper passengers.

But by all means take an earlier train if you like for a leisurely evening in Hamburg. Stay overnight in Hamburg. Travel from Copenhagen to Stockholm by X train. If you take the If you want the Travel from Copenhagen to Malmö or Gothenburg by Öresund Link train, these run several times each hour to Malmö, journey time 52 minutes, and once an hour to Gothenburg, journey time 4h Book from Hamburg to Malmö or Gothenburg as one transaction at www.

Travel from Copenhagen to Gothenburg as shown above. Trains then run every few hours from Gothenburg to Oslo, you can check times at www. Alternatively, sail overnight from Copenhagen to Oslo by direct cruise ferry with bars, restaurants and en suite cabins, booked at www.

Day 1, travel from Vienna to Munich by railjet train with restaurant car, leaving Vienna Hbf at These railjets run every couple of hours, so by all means book an earlier one to have a leisurely evening in Munich. Stay overnight in Munich There are several possible departures, for example leaving Munich Hbf at It's an interesting experience in its own right - you must leave the train and go upstairs into the ship's passenger accommodation during the minute crossing, although you can leave your luggage on the train.

How much does it cost? Fares work like air fares, book early for the cheapest prices How to buy tickets Step 1, book from Vienna to Munich at www. Step 2, book from Munich to Copenhagen at www. You print out your own tickets. A mph X train from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Self-service buffet car on the X to Stockholm. More info on X trains Option 3, using the Vienna-Hamburg sleeper train. Holiday Highlighter Highlights Magi 4 Kommentare.

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Munich nightlife tends to change dramatically and quickly. Establishments open and close every year, and some survive only a few months, while others last many years. From to , Munich was also home to the Union Move , one of the largest technoparades in Germany.

Munich has two directly connected gay quarters, which basically can be seen as one: Gärtnerplatzviertel and Glockenbachviertel, both part of the Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt district. Freddie Mercury had an apartment near the Gärtnerplatz and transsexual icon Romy Haag had a club in the city centre for many years.

Munich has more than night clubs and thousands of bars and restaurants within city limits. Some notable nightclubs are: The Circus Krone based in Munich is one of the largest circuses in Europe. Munich is a leading location for science and research with a long list of Nobel Prize laureates from Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in to Theodor Hänsch in Munich has become a spiritual centre already since the times of Emperor Louis IV when philosophers like Michael of Cesena , Marsilius of Padua and William of Ockham were protected at the emperor's court.

Only the two Munich universities and the Technical University of Karlsruhe now part of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have held this honour, and the implied greater chances of attracting research funds, since the first evaluation round in The Max Planck Society , an independent German non-profit research organisation, has its administrative headquarters in Munich.

The following institutes are located in the Munich area:. The Fraunhofer Society , the German non-profit research organization for applied research, has its headquarters in Munich. Munich has the strongest economy of any German city [38] and the lowest unemployment rate 3. Munich topped the ranking of the magazine Capital in February for the economic prospects between and in 60 German cities.

Munich is a financial centre and a global city and holds the headquarters of many headquarters including more listed by the DAX than any other German city, as well as the German or European headquarters of many foreign companies such as McDonald's and Microsoft.

The breakdown by cities proper not metropolitan areas of Global cities listed Munich in 8th position in Munich is also the home of the headquarters of many other large companies such as the aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines , the injection moulding machine manufacturer Krauss-Maffei , the camera and lighting manufacturer Arri , the semiconductor firm Infineon Technologies headquartered in the suburban town of Neubiberg , lighting giant Osram , as well as the German or European headquarters of many foreign companies such as Microsoft.

Munich has significance as a financial centre second only to Frankfurt , being home of HypoVereinsbank and the Bayerische Landesbank. It outranks Frankfurt though as home of insurance companies such as Allianz insurance and Munich Re re-insurance. Munich is the largest publishing city in Europe [45] and home to the Süddeutsche Zeitung , one of Germany's largest daily newspapers.

The city is also the location of the programming headquarters of Germany's largest public broadcasting network, ARD , while the largest commercial network, Pro7-Sat1 Media AG , is headquartered in the suburb of Unterföhring. The headquarters of the German branch of Random House , the world's largest publishing house, and of Burda publishing group are also in Munich. The Bavaria Film Studios are located in the suburb of Grünwald. They are one of Europe's biggest and most famous film production studios.

It replaced the smaller Munich-Riem airport in The airport can be reached by suburban train lines S8 from the east and S1 from the west of the city. From the main railway station the journey takes 40—45 minutes. An express train will be added that will cut down travel time to 20—25 minutes with limited stops on dedicated tracks.

In , the Bavarian state government granted a license to expand Oberpfaffenhofen Air Station located west of Munich, for commercial use. These plans were opposed by many residents in the Oberpfaffenhofen area as well as other branches of local Government, including the city of Munich, which took the case to court. After , passenger traffic of nearby Augsburg Airport was relocated to Munich Airport, leaving the Augsburg region of Bavaria without an air passenger airport within close reach.

München Hauptbahnhof is the main railway station located in the city centre. The first Munich station was built about metres to the west in A station at the current site was opened in and it has been rebuilt numerous times, including to replace the main station building, which was badly damaged during World War II.

München Hauptbahnhof is one of the three long distance stations in Munich, the others being München Ost to the east and München-Pasing to the west. All three are connected to the public transport system and serve as transportation hubs. München Hauptbahnhof sees about , passengers a day, which puts it on par with other large stations in Germany, such as Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. It and München Ost are two of the 21 stations in Germany classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 1 station.

The mainline station is a terminal station with 32 platforms. The subterranean S-Bahn with 2 platforms and U-Bahn stations with 6 platforms are through stations.

For its urban population of 2. The Munich tramway is the oldest existing public transportation system in the city, which has been in operation since Munich also has an extensive network of bus lines. The extensive network of subway and tram lines assist and complement pedestrian movement in the city centre.

These major spines and many smaller streets cover an extensive area of the centre that can be enjoyed on foot and bike. The transformation of the historic area into a pedestrian priority zone enables and invites walking and biking by making these active modes of transport comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

These attributes result from applying the principle of "filtered permability" , which selectively restricts the number of roads that run through the centre.

While certain streets are discontinuous for cars, they connect to a network of pedestrian and bike paths, which permeate the entire centre. In addition, these paths go through public squares and open spaces increasing the enjoyment of the trip see image.

The logic of filtering a mode of transport is fully expressed in a comprehensive model for laying out neighbourhoods and districts — the Fused Grid. The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Munich, for example to and from work, on a weekday is 56 min. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 9. Munich is an integral part of the motorway network of southern Germany.

Traffic, however, is often very heavy in and around Munich. Traffic jams are commonplace during rush hour as well as at the beginning and end of major holidays in Germany. There are few "green waves" or roundabouts, and the city's prosperity often causes an abundance of obstructive construction sites. Other contributing factors are the extraordinarily high rates of car ownership per capita multiple times that of Berlin , the city's historically grown and largely preserved centralised urban structure, which leads to a very high concentration of traffic in specific areas, and sometimes poor planning for example bad traffic light synchronisation and a less than ideal ring road.

Cycling has a strong presence in the city and is recognised as a good alternative to motorised transport. The growing number of bicycle lanes are widely used throughout the year. Munich cyclists have a reputation for being quite daring or even careless, being frequently seen as a nuisance by drivers, especially when their numbers multiply in the warmer months.

The cycle paths usually involve a longer route than by the road, as they are diverted around objects, and the presence of pedestrians can make them quite slow. A modern bike hire system is available within the area bounded by the Mittlerer Ring. The Munich agglomeration sprawls across the plain of the Alpine foothills comprising about 2.

Several smaller traditional Bavarian towns and cities like Dachau , Freising , Erding , Starnberg , Landshut and Moosburg are today part of the Greater Munich Region, formed by Munich and the surrounding districts, making up the Munich Metropolitan Region , which has a population of about 6 million people. South of Munich, there are numerous nearby freshwater lakes such as Lake Starnberg , Ammersee , Chiemsee , Walchensee , Kochelsee , Tegernsee , Schliersee , Simssee , Staffelsee , Wörthsee , Kirchsee and the Osterseen Easter Lakes , which are popular among the people of Munich for recreation, swimming and watersports and can be quickly reached by car and a few also by Munich's S-Bahn.

Munich is twinned with the following cities date of agreement shown in parentheses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses of "Munich" or "München", see Munich disambiguation. History of Munich and Timeline of Munich. Population growth of Munich. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany. List of honorary citizens of Munich. Munich portal Bavaria portal. Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung in German.

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