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Above those, a cable provides continuous wireless data connection between the train and the control center. All contact between the suspended cabin and the fixed system is enclosed in the interior of the carrier box, protected from the elements.

In this sense, the SIPEM suspension system is similar to the one used by the earlier SAFEGE system which was developed in France and which is used on two networks in Japan , but is much narrower, both the carrier box as well as the open slit for the suspension.

The cabin is suspended below two motorized bogies, which are enclosed in the carrier girder. Each running gear is equipped with two motors, which are connected in parallel via their armature circuits. Each cabin is 8. The interior height for standing passengers is 2.

It has two 1. The Dortmund cabin provides seating for 16 and standing room for 29 passengers, while the Düsseldorf airport version provides space for 15 and 32, respectively. Switching is done with the help of the horizontal guiding wheels, where short blades on both sides of the common section of the carrier move as a canal of the same width as the carrying box to the left or right, while a long blade between the two forking guideways moves right or left to provide the horizontal guidance into the intended direction.

In , the system was extended by 1. The first publicly funded overhead railway has run since at the University of Dortmund , where it initially just connected the north and south campuses with a single line. However, many stations have 2 platforms with a track either side permitting carriages to pass each other in opposite directions.

This stretch was opened on 2 May by Dr. Heinz Riesenhuber, and comprised 1. The longest span between support pillars is Just beyond the road the H-Bahn crosses through a nature reserve at its maximum elevation of about 16 metres approx.

In order to prevent passengers getting close to the track at stations, there are platform edge doors between the platform and the track. As soon as the vehicles arrive in the station, doors in the partition open automatically, along with the train car doors. This construction included technology considered to be the first of its kind in Germany. These changes allowed for a higher speed, and trains can now also follow each other more closely.

Three new carriages were supplied by Siemens. An extension into the nearby technology park was opened on 19 December , which means the current network, including this final 1. Line 1 operates between the Technology Park and Eichlinghofen, and during the day carriages arrive every ten minutes, stopping at the university and the S-Bahn stop, where there is a connection every twenty minutes to Dortmund city centre, and Bochum.

Two trains serve line 1. Attested in the UK since the 19th century. Originally Rugby School slang. Later adopted by Oxford University and then wider British society.

In Chinese-language fiction translated into English, to add a Chinese flavour Mandarin language , some translators leave the term "-er" untranslated, left in unaccented pinyin. Compare the borrowed doublet -ari.

The equivalent suffix -era can be used to form feminine nouns with these meanings, but usually only the masculine or feminine form will be found in Catalan. Because these senses are used to form adjectives of two forms or nouns referring to animate objects, both the masculine and feminine forms will be found in Catalan, with the lemma entry found at the masculine form.

Senses 1 and 3 often lead to heteronymic pairs. Cognate with Dutch -aar. Cognate with English -er , Dutch -er and -aar.

From Middle High German -er , a plural ending for some neuter nouns. The adjectival use probably originated from the prepositioned genitive plural, e. From a Proto-Germanic borrowing of Latin -arius. Middle Dutch adjective comparative forms. From Old French -ier , -er , from Latin -are. From Old French -ier. From Old Norse -ari. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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