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The land had originally been used as the municipal sewage farm, but was closed in when the sewage system was connected to a regional treatment system. The different backgrounds of the participants addressing the same issues was the key.


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Looking for a dailies solution that runs on your own server, with your own storage? Simply draw in your remarks and easily share them with your team. Clips that have those QC-remarks are color coded for instant recognition and can be shared within your creative team.

To speed up communication between cinematographer and dailies colorist, COPRA offers a color grading module. Look creation was never easier: Our cloud infrastructure is securely hosted on servers in Germany. Your iPhone or iPad comes with encryption enabled by default. Add a customizable watermark to your rushes and decide where it should appear on screen. Kernthese der gesetzlichen Neuvorgaben ist die Verpflichtung zur sachgerechten und mit den Vereinszwecken abgestimmten Nutzung bzw.

Verarbeitung von überlassenen persönlichen Daten. Noch bis zum Juni können sich die Vereine in Sportdeutschland mit ihrem gesellschaftlichen und innovativen Engagement um den "Oscar des Breitensports" bewerben.

Nun seid Ihr gefragt - Sportvereine! Bewerbt auch Ihr Euch mit Eurem ehrenamtlichen Engagement unter www. Weitere Informationen findet Ihr unter www. Der Landesdatenschutzbeauftragte Baden-Württemberg hat einen neuen Praxisratgeber zum Datenschutz im Verein herausgegeben. Die gesamte Broschüre finden Sie hier. Transformation and regeneration of monocots i. Most of the science required to engineer the carotenoid pathway in the rice a monocot grain was developed in the s.

This is the area of expertise of Prof Peter Beyer, where he has notably contributed to a better understanding of the underlying biochemical mechanisms involved. The breakthrough achievement of showed that it was possible to reconstitute the carotenoid pathway —which is naturally active in leaves but not in the grain— in rice grains, something even many experts did not believe was possible.

After the proof of concept was achieved, the project entered into the development phase. One of the less pleasant tasks that comes with product development is to obtain regulatory approval, which is required by every country for the release of genetically modified plants into the environment.

Access to Intellectual Property Rights IPR —which many thought would constitute the main barrier to the dissemination of Golden Rice — was achieved in The process took less than six months of negotiations. The deal involved the creation of a private-public partnership between the inventors and the agrichemicals company Syngenta. This partnership facilitated the access to a number of key technologies held by multiple players in the field of biotechnology.

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