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Es wirkt ausgesprochen positiv auf die Gesundheit - auch bei älteren Menschen. Eine amerikanische Studie, an der Kursprogramm für das Jahr Dienstag und Donnerstag Montag bis Freitag Das Team der Volkshochschule Rostock. Das VHS-Gebäude befindet sich in ca. Polnisch - Niveaustufe A1. Joanna Anna Schmalisch Zielgruppe: Kommunalpolitik - 8 Monate vor der Kommunalwahl.

Ahnenforschung - Ein Kurzüberblick. Sven Bogenschneider Die Ahnenforschung ist derzeit ein sehr populäres Thema. Senioren im Internet - aber sicher. Senioren im Internet - aber sicher Schwedisch - Niveaustufe A1. Ronald Beier Es wird auch "Chinesisches Schattenboxen" genannt: In , the cellar was refinished so that the "Ratskeller" Cellar could function as a restaurant. From until , the cellar was closed for historic restoration, but it once again welcomes guests.

The "Steintor" Stone Gate was built in the style of the Dutch Renaissance on the site of the former Gothic southern main gate. The picturesque city side features the city's seal and coat of arms as well as the inscription "Sit intra te concordia et publica felicitas" let harmony and general well being reign within thy walls. With its foot spire topping the city skyline, the "Petrikirche" St.

Peter's Church marks the area where the town was founded. Its viewing platform affords a stunning view as far as the Baltic. The church was first mentioned in and is at least years old. Interestingly, it was built with some breaks. For instance, in when Rostock was at war with the Danish king, the towpeople took some of the church's stones to build a defense tower on the Baltic in Warnemünde. From the viewing platform climb the steps or take the half-minute elevator ride , guests can look out over the entire city, along the Warnow River up to Warnemünde and the Baltic.

Building started mid 13th century, but in the nearly finished building collapsed. After that a cross-shaped Basilica emerged, built in the style of the French cathedral style and the "Marienkirche" in Lübeck. Its tower is Baroque. The art treasures of the "Marienkirche" St. Mary's Church are worth seeing including the astronomical clock built in , the bronze baptismal font consecrated in , the Rochus altar from around and the Baroque organ.

Where the old and new channels meet, the foot-high Warnemünde Lighthouse has spread its protective beacon since In more recent years, it has become a tourist attraction as well, offering one of the best views of the sea, harbor and town.

Built in , the nearly foot-high, brick Warnemünde Lighthouse offers a superb panoramic view of Warnemünde and the harbor entrance. At its base is a plaque honoring the former coast guard station that served as "the last house until Denmark. Catharine's Convent was a Franciscan monastery as early as Following recent restoration and construction work, the church shows an interesting interplay of ancient and modern architecture.

After the Reformation, the 13th century building ensemble was at various times a poorhouse, hospital and old people's home and later as a school. In the early 19th century, the church contained a French military hospital. From until the s, the church again served as a home for the elderly.

Since April , following extensive restoration and construction integrating modern elements, the church has served as today home to the College of Music and Theater of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The interplay of ancient and modern architecture is exemplary. Large sections of Rostock's "Stadtmauer" City Wall , which once surrounded the medieval city, are still preserved today. The city wall itself with gates, towers, watch houses and ramparts was built during the second half of the 13th century - including the "Kuhtor" Cow Gate , the oldest town gate in Mecklenburg first mentioned in documents in The only beach gate preserved is the classicist "Mönchtor" Monk Gate.

On the near side of the "Alter Strom", fishing boats lie tied to cleats as their crews sell from tables heaped with fish. Several men stay on board and repair nets. Some fish are placed in large metal smokers, where vendors write the estimated ready time in chalk: Every now and then, after a quick With its wealth of fish cutters, passenger boats, sailing yachts and fisherman's cottages, the check inside, the vendor wipes away the time and chalks a new one in its place.

Smoke wafts over the crowds, as seagulls dive for leftovers. Crossing a footbridge over the "Alter Strom" Old Stream , visitors are rewarded with a walk through narrow alleys lined with centuries-old gabled fishermen's houses.

An occasional glimpse into a backyard reveals tiny courtyards with proudly tended flowers. It is an almost uniquely romantic place, but time has not stood still here. Boutiques, cafes and galleries face the channel lined with boats converted to take-out restaurants selling every variety of fish: It is fun watching the action on land and water while sipping one's coffee or ice-cold Rostock beer.

A few steps farther on, dozens of cruise liners tie up at the quay summer after summer.

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