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So black and Asian women cannot make valuable contributions?

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AP — Duke has to replace perhaps its most irreplaceable player. Quarterback Daniel Jones, who took virtually every meaningful snap for the Blue Putnam's Sons Almost 2, years ago, an emperor avoided a coup and entrusted nine Scrolls of The longest war in U. After the first full week of fantasy football results, there are interesting potential adds on the waiver wire, but it seems unlikely there are Fall is in the air, and with it an urge to get organized, clean up sloppy summer habits and knock our schedules into shape When Karen Snyder's daughter asked if she could have friends over for swimming and a movie, the Los Angeles mom agreed.

Kowloon condominium in Kaohsiung September 7, Mangkhut upgraded to typhoon, could pose threat to Taiwan September 10, Creative campaign poster for promoting an inconspicuous candidate September 10, Typhoon Mangkhut poses potential threat to Taiwan this weekend September 11, StarLux Airlines operations center expected to create 60, jobs September 11, Natural disasters in Japan reveal challenges for Taiwan September 11, That British Airways breach shows hackers finetuning e-commerce attacks.

British Airways breach caused by the same group that hit Ticketmaster. How did the hackers manage to get in? See how Google is hurting the open internet and degrading its own results? Google's location tracking practices are under investigation by Arizona's attorney general, per source. Redacted documents signal as much and the AG's office, while not confirming it's Google, strongly hinted as much. Could result in fines. T said on Tuesday it had agreed to buy U. Renesas to Acquire U.

If You Don't Look Closely. Renesas, the second-biggest supplier of semiconductorss used in cars, will acquire U. Google Pay finally supported at 7-Eleven stores in the US.

Apple and Google Pay are finally coming to 7-Eleven this month. But lately, as the company has invested in growing its advertising business, they've become more aggressive. This is why Amazon is becoming cancer http: Amazon is stuffing its search results with ads and it seems to be working — at least for advertisers willing to shell out cash for better placement in search results http: Life's too short to work on bad software.

Zillow and Redfin competitor Opendoor acquires home buying startup Open Listings. Amazon Business connects millions of business customers and sellers worldwide.

National security at risk with Rs 2,worth patch capable of unverified Aadhaar enrolment. The damn thing was functional as of yesterday and it is possible to do this, through a series of steps.

The HuffPost article had specifically redacted some technical details, but the implications of the patch are very clear. The patch—freely available for as little as Rs 2,— allows unauthorised persons, based anywhere in the world, to generate Aadhaar numbers at will, and is still in widespread use. This, experts said, creates a whole new set of problems and could defeat many of Aadhaar's purported aims, such as reducing corruption, tracking black money, eliminating fraud and identity theft.

Finally the full story about the compromised Enrollment client is out in HuffPostIndia and it runs with rachnakhaira's byline. The story took 3 months to investigate and confirm. Major, major story on Aadhaar data breach. So big that your eyes will glaze over and you'll struggle to grasp the significance and will want to move on, treating this as irrelevant.

A patch that allows operators to create multiple Aadhaar numbers bypassing biometric security features has been found. Who knows how many fake IDs were created using this. Why hack the CIDR when you can hack the enrollment software and generate as many fake Aadhaar as possible from anywhere in the world.

Harish Khare was forced to put in his papers. The first of its kind, our HeadGaze technology tracks head motions to enable a hands-free experience for users. Hear from the eBay intern who built this eBaytech and the impact it could have via open source. How tough is the dating-app scene? Investors are waking up to the emotional struggle of startup founders. Way ahead of the field as usual, felicis — and each of these dollars will dramatically de-risk the other 99 Aside: This is a great idea.

Starting a company is one of the steepest learnings curves imaginable and deliberate focus on personal development is a huge benefit. Alibaba teams up with Mail. Russia is shaping its digital future — and it's China's Alibaba, not the US, that's leading the way. South China Morning Post: Alibaba's 36 partners form the foundation that lets Jack Ma spend time on the beach. Alibaba is helping Russia go big in online shopping. Off Ramp Closed for Repairs?

Google in France's firing line as right to be forgotten hearing arrives at ECJ. France takes Google to court to control content globally. Europe's highest court wades into Google privacy fight. Google case set to examine if EU data rules extend globally.

Expanding Right To Be Forgotten slippery slope to global censorship, warn free speech fans. Intermediaries like Google and Facebook can just as easily become choke points, shutting down communication on prohibited topics. Tuesday's Right to Be Forgotten case in Europe's highest court could turn Google into the global enforcer of local law, argues daphnehk in today's nytimes.

This op-ed clearly lays out the significant risk that internet platforms become tools of global censorship. The tweetstorm also shows that daphnehk is an incredible law nerd, which is exactly what makes her a intellectual force to be reckoned with and a beloved fmr colleague. I think it's outrageous that European regulators are trying to limit what I can search in the U. Dear European Court of Justice: Your jurisdiction ends at your borders. It has a table of contents, infographics and a statement of intent.

And it has extensive details …. Fact-checkers around the world are being trolled, doxxed and threatened for working with Facebook to debunk misinformation http: Truth, that dusty Enlightenment notion we're all leaving behind. Facebook has extracted massive wealth from countries around the world while completely upending their information ecosystems.

For a platform like Facebook with over 2 billion monthly active users, that means a plethora …. Facebook's new Rosetta AI system helps detect hate speech. Understanding text in images and videos with machine learning. People are horrified by an Amazon patent that puts workers in cages …. Your sales, marketing, or revenue numbers will rarely ever be consistent across the board …. Gemini Launches the Gemini dollar: Dollars on the Blockchain. Winklevoss firm rolls out new crypto dollar pegged to US dollar.

Department of Financial Services: Winklevoss twins' Gemini Trust launches world's first regulated stablecoin. New York state approves two dollar-based cryptocurrencies. Gemini launches Ethereum-backed stablecoin. Winklevoss Brothers Announce Gemini Dollar. New York regulators approve dollar-linked stablecoins from Gemini and Paxos.

Winklevoss Twins Announce U. Dollar-Backed Token Gemini Dollar. Super excited to announce the launch of the Gemini dollar, the world's first regulated stablecoin! So proud of our amazing team. The Gemini dollar, which will be pegged to the U. The Winklevoss brothers have always structured their affairs for the long run - lawyer-heavy, slow-and-steady-wins-the-race approach. Their stablecoin will be interesting to check out, particularly its KYC properties.

Introducing the Gemini dollar! The world's first regulated stablecoin that brings US dollars onto the blockchain. Beyond proud of our GeminiDotCom team as we continue to build the future of money! And a new Tether emerges. Can you clarify, winklevoss? Azure Pipelines in Marketplace. This is a big deal: Microsoft Azure Devops Services puts devops in the cloud. Microsoft wouldn't be Microsoft without a quarterly rebrand: Sponsor Posts Specops Software: Get your free copy today.

The eero Plus experience keeps getting better with regular updates. Who's Hiring In Tech? Come as you are. Do what you love. Toys are preludes to serious ideas. Powering a better, faster internet. Talented People Thrive Here. The enterprise DevOps leader. Turn the impossible into the essential. Code the trusted cloud platform. Be you, with us! Listen to Techmeme's Podcast: US federal judge rules that a pair of allegedly fraudulent ICOs fall under securities laws, allowing the criminal case to proceed to trial next year Find.

RiskIQ report on British Airways data breach links it to Magecart group, active since , which used tactics similar to their recent Ticketmaster breach Find.

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