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I wanted to know more than what she told me and found this. Have you gone again since this blog? I completed the course 2 years back and found it immensely beneficial in all ways possible.

They are not promoting any religion, god or anything, …. Any intellectual peron would be skeptical and inquisitive, but faith above all is a necessity. I understand why some people find the experience to be unsatisfactory or even unpleasent.

The new student from my experience thinks that older students Sat more courses will display some special qaulities but they are just people working on themselves. On most courses a few new students will find the course underwhelming sometimes one or two might quit half way through. That is to be accepted because it is not going to suit everyone. The emphasis on reincarnation and the chanting can agitate some people. If people change through spiritual or psychological methods then it is not about changing into a new better version of themselves an iddea that they will be able to better accept and feel accepted by others.

What changes us for the better is the acceptance that we are what we are at this moment and surrendering to that is all that we need to do,its not about improving how we think of ourselves because how we think of ourselves is the problem, its not real its a dream constantly monitering what we like or dislike whats right and wrong and always with this idea in your head of a me that lives in seperation.

Vippasana is not the only way, it may in some ways be hampered by its cultural refrences. The whole course is geared to one thing only, teaching this technique, and the organisation relies on the fact that for the majority of people it has a positive affect and they give a donation. I recently completed a 10 day retreat in Indonesia. It was a very, very difficult experience. I went in with such an open heart that I was overwhelmed by the religious and philosophical jargon that the discourses contained.

Although we were given a few minutes to ask the teacher questions, it was highly discouraged to ask any philosophical questions. Thus, the environment of silence and one way communication meaning the student was only taking in information and not allowed to question any of it with the communicator was a perfect setup for brainwashing.

Further, It was a constant battle to trust in the technique when Goenka was busy saying how this form of meditation was the one and only way to true salvation. I am very scared when I hear someone say they are the owner of the truth,very scared and skeptic. I hope this article helps others enter the retreat with one eye open, as you said. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Sounds like many of your impressions of the retreat were similar to some of mine: I live in Edmonton, AB Canada and have heard about this day course through a documentary called Dhamma brothers where they teach this technique to prison inmates. I was very much intrigued as I, being a non-baptized Sikh, have recognized some similarities in the philosophy of Buddhism as compared to that of Sikhism. In terms of the meditation technique, I myself will not be able to chant the name of the Wondrous Enlightener as taught in my religion for chanting anything other than what they teach you is forbidden apparently and I have a hard time with this.

But ultimately, I have chosen to commit myself fully into this program without any attachment to the technique or teachings. Any method that may lead you to rid yourself from the cycle of rebirth must truly be attempted. Many people are skeptical and dissatisfied with some of the philosophies that are obviously a part of this meditation technique, seeing it as brainwashing or a prideful claim of the only way. We must not let these things affect our search for ultimate truth.

In all honesty, a day course and strict code of conduct is such a babystep towards what our ancestors were capable of. Meditation is not only a way to clear your minds in order to become more efficient in life, but it is in fact a way to gain superior intuition, cure yourself of all forms of sickness, and reach a higher truth.

Hi Sunny i would be intrested in your after thoughts on the course, i appreciatae youe equanamity on the subject matter of the course, and your overall ideas on the core teaching and goals of meditation. I had no idea Vipassana retreats were so infused with religion. Check out Morty Lefkoe and two of his courses — Natural Confidence recreateyourlife. And religion — even spirituality — does not need to be a part of it.

These two courses have resulted in some of the most powerful changes in my life, and I would venture to say that their results were more significant than years of meditation and yoga.

On the subject of anxiety attacks, I have OCD and suffer from some form of anxious, negative thought virtually every day. I do want to do this to overcome fear of being alone with my thoughts and hopefully to gain a clearer mind, however.

Do you think a retreat like this would be just the thing I need or somewhat of a shock? Hi Kelsey, I wish I could give you an answer that would help, but the truth is that I have no idea. Having not experienced anxiety attacks myself, I expect that your guess on whether the retreat might be worthwhile would be more valuable than my own guess.

I attended a 10 retreat in Turkey on 7 april and here is my experience: S N Goenka speech: I wish to have a Vipassana Dhamma centre in my country, and i suggest it to my family, friends, and every one, and even you who are reading this if you havent been yet.

I have been offered an invite to do their 10 day course in Bangalore Headquarters?? Unfortunately, it clashes with a lot of work commitments. Good thing is, my work supervisor has done this long back and he was raving about it. Until now, I have never completed anything similar like this that i ventured into. Maybe the time is now. Hi, I am considering doing the 10 day course in the month of June.

However, I have not been able to find anywhere the follow up that would be required after the course. Could someone pls guide me a little? I think there are shorter 3 day courses that are offered for older students, as well as being able to go and do some service work at centres as well. Do you think this would be too ambitious for someone with such little mental prep?

To start, my sister is a massage therapist. She also went to Portugal to build a church and was gone for a few months, when she came back, again it was the stick up the butt thing. The only way I could make sense out of her changed attitude was the religion she was attatching herself to. Recently she held the meeting as I said ,and it really came out of the blue to me.

I called her a cult leader because I felt she had brainwashed my24 year old brother with her teachings. I told her to get off the me train and that she had made belief view that became her truth.

I told her that no one else lives her truth, that I never experienced that and nor did she of my mother. I told her that she took my vulnerable brother in a vulnerable time apparantely he had depression as do most of us at some time in our lives, instead of helping him through his depression she took him and turned him into a bitter person who blamed mom for everything.

My brother told me he no longer feels like her though. I guess my question is that with someone like my sister, will this benefit her or just make her worse?? Are there anything in these vipassanna teachings that can be cult like or dangerous.? I just came back from 5. I did not google the retreat before going as I wanted to enter with an open mind. However, I knew all I wanted was guidance on a meditation technique and I did not want anything reinforcing any believe or guru or dogma…you get my point.

Based on the dhamma. This is what Goenka says on his first discourse, however from discourse two on, he gets more and more into their doctrine. On not being ritual based on blind faith: I found the chants distracting, annoying, disconcerting and unhelpful. Also everything is so Goenka centered! Is this a cult? No, I would say no. Is this a sect? If you are not, stay away. My meditations were great in the first days but worsen as he got more into the doctrine and philosophy stuff. But more than that it became well, proselytizing, whether Goenka fans want to accept it or not.

I only needed to meditate. The silence is helpful as it is disconnecting with the world. To all of you ardent and aggressive fans of Goenka posting here, you should not be so judgmental and aggressive towards those relating their experience and opinions. Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing.

My experience was pretty well identical. I attended a day Vipassana session 6 months ago. I had several questions during my stay but I realized that you have to be there for the entire session to understand the big picture. After a few days it seemed a bit too esoteric for me, but I understood equanimity toward the end of the stay and it made a big difference in my life.

My mood is now a lot more stable and I am more patient with life. I am not into religion at all and I practice meditation to get in touch with my inner self.

Greetings; I went to a 10 day sitting in May 0f … I attended a course in Twenty-nine palms. The facuility was nice and accomadating. Day 0 was okay even though i really was not in the mood to explain my reasons for being their… The women that did talk were sounding so englighten about the whole experience and were trying to explain to some of us that were new students what would happen.

I really was not impressed because of my state of mind. Full of chatter and my body was full of worldly toxins from food and drugs…. My second day I was ready to run also But I did not. I had vivd dreams and some scary visions or not.. I know my mind was really messing with me. Eventualy I settled down. I started to put in the work of coming to the temple instead of staying in my room. At the end of the course i felt some relief. The younger ladies were talking alot … the older ladies were not.

I did say a few things but decided to keep my opinoins to myself,,, due to the fact I was around women I did not know.. Yes there werer times I did open 1 eye just to see what was going on. The teachers were kind and helpful…. I had alot of issues when I came and left with a lot of issues…. I work as an certified Nurse assistant…. I am constantly dealing not only with patients problems but co-workers too with serious treacherous issues. The medical field is not an easy field to work in … I have been in it since …..

I just turned 51…. I am going to another retreat This time I will be there for 27 days. I am doing my first 10 day serving. Regradless of the teachings we all have free will and thought… I am only for meditation. Just wanted to add about Cheri Huber…..

Everthing we encounter can help us see who we are, if we know how to look. Great article, thanks for sharing your experience. I will add two points and they are merely my opinions:. Vipassana is a great tool for mastering the physical body. In my experience, the body can get in the way of reaching deep spiritual places during your own meditations. Getting the body out of the way can be very useful. Vipassana is not the be all end all.

In my opinion, it does not connect you with your higher self or transport you to glorious places. I did not need the full 10 days as in I would have liked for it it to move more quickly , but I can easily see how most people need 10 and some people need even more than that to practice. I would suggest not to treat it as anything more than that and you may find value for yourself.

At the very least, unplugging for 10 days is a huge benefit. You realize how powerful you really are when you shut down the technology for 10 days. I read your review and i really liked it. You kind of revealed a little the mistery about what is going on during the course. Because the videos only talk about the benefits, and the schedule only gives you a slight hint on the practice. What it really estranged me from doing the course were the replies of the people. Does Goenka really tries to mix black hole theory with meditation?

Does he say we have to surrender to purification?! I get very curious about the unusual sensation stuff. Social isolation can be also a factor for mind overthinking. Yes as I remember during one of the discourses he related some of the experiences of meditation to quantum mechanics.

Hard to say if that played a role in my own experience or not. Your review and the comments are very interesting. I am thinking about attending one of these retreats. It is understandable that a person could feel brainwashed if they go to the retreat expecting to have philosophical dialgoue, intellectual arguments, and a personal transformation. Perhaps these retreats are more of an opportunity to hear the teachers ideas, just to listen to them, and to use the time to think about them, and to meditate.

Rather than going through a complete change of life,the retreat is offering a person a very rich experience. It does sound demanding. I hope to try one of these retreats, maybe over the summer. Most of us would like to get quick fixes, be it something related to personal improvement or some other wants. There is no such thing as a quick fix especially when it comes to matters of the mind. I did my first ten-day Goenka Vipassana course four months ago and found it tough but very powerful.

I have continued to practice for an hour a day, sometimes more. I came to it after some experience of other types of meditation, but more significantly I have practiced taiji for many years and have also done a considerable amount of psychotherapy — it is in fact my profession.

For example anxiety tends to create tension in the solar plexus, and thus a tendency to anxiety can lead to chronic stomach problems. I found the combination of equanimity and attention to bodily sensation, to the extent I could manage it, was a very powerful tool for undoing these processes. You have to stop yourself interfering and trying to change things, just watch it happen.

I really experience the interaction of the two more powerfully than with any other technique. If you can only achieve equanimity this is naturally reflected in a more optimal physical state. Attention to problem areas is guiding the natural correcting process. Body and psyche are inseparable. And it is always a difficult balance to give credit to other approaches while enthusiastically conveying the value of your own. This is inevitably somewhat paradoxical. As for the teachers and other students on the courses, they are all grappling with different things, going through different phases, learning, sometimes getting over-excited and evangelical, sometimes feeling disappointed.

Better to just get on with your own practice. The silence and lack of time for arguments is frustrating but wise. Dear Justin I appreciate some of you queries, such as the samskara argument.

Initially I also have asked myself the same question: Goenka know that through sensing I get rid of old samskaras? On what does he base this conjecture? I think the last commentator explains it very well in her post Eve.

In my experience, Vipassana releases those tensions, without any doubt. Those stress releases then rebalance the brain, i. Have a look at HeartMath Solution and what they say about the importance of heart-mind coherence. For me the goal of Vipassana is yes, equilibrium and cohesion, i.

In stress and especially trauma ordeals, the mind fragments and splits. This is the way we survive unbearable ordeals and high tension. Vipassana can help put the pieces of the puzzle together again, but not without daily effort and a good teacher which the Goenka retreat centres I have visited provide for. Also provided are clear and safe boundaries, which can be seen as strict but in my opinion are absolutely essential for such in-depth work. This enables many people, young and old alike with little income to find some equilibrium in an otherwise scary, economically and socially uncertain world.

I think that the fact the courses are always filled, at most centres that I know of, speaks for itself. I can only applaude. My mind was much calmer and cleaer, and I could see things more the way they are, rather then the way I imagine them to be. In answer to any remaining questions re. Neurobiology of Trauma — Dr. Quantum theory demonstrates observation affects reality. With kind regards Gaby. Hi, I will be going for my first retreat this November 12th.

I would like to know how much I should give them for the 10 days meditation. I know that is not a fix amount but please can you tell me around how much should be ok. Thanks for your help Gabriela. The interesting thing about Vipassana and these retreats is that Vipassana is not a technique at all, it merely means insight. So to be used properly it must be Vipassana meditation, the technique is anapanasati although they do try to hide that this is the actual technique on the 10 day retreat.

Yes, anapanasati is immensely helpful and teaches on to be more present in their every day life, however the Vipassana retreats are made by a self confessed business man not a monk and impose a limit past body scanning still in the first tetrad of the meditation and not realizing the full potential. I have also included a link to where to find all four tetrads of the anapanasati meditation. If I am mistaken and the teaching does extend past 3 of the first tetrad, please give an example.

My room mate filled me in on what the daily was for the 5 days that I missed after calling them on their BS and leaving the program, from what I got it is merely a body scan added to the awareness of breathing.

Anapana-sati means mindfulness of breathing, which is what Goenka teaches during the first days of the ten-day retreat. He does in fact refer to it as anapana practice. Each system has its rationale and it is easy to fall between two stools. These practices are not without their dangers, as Justin discovered, and mixing them together creates more possibilities of getting into a mess.

Did you donate anything? How much did you or others give? Although that was slightly frustrating, I liked the fact that there was no pressure or expectations for anyone to donate anything at all. I see you did your retreat in I wonder if you still feel the same now about the whole experience? A few things strike me which I would like to comment on: Change is slow and requires constant effort.

How can you expect to know anything about them from exchanging a few words on the last day. To have any valid opinion about them, you would need to know first-hand how they were before and after their Vipassana courses. A certain person you were judging might, for all you know, have been a complete mess before their first course, and now, although they appear average or unimpressive to you, the changes they have undergone could be vast for all you know.

Chances are they are making progress, albeit not enough to impress you at first glance. Why aspire to be like someone else, why not aspire to be a better version of yourself and to certain qualities?

I must admit, most of us are guilty of projecting aversion and judging others. Another thing I remember is the aversion I felt to certain people, but a big weight was lifted when I realized that when I am in a group of new people, I always seemed to pick someone on whom to project my aversion, and realizing this I understood that this certain person did not give me his aversion, but rather that it was mine, all mine, and from that moment on around day 6 the burden of that aversion was lifted, which left me free to concentrate on myself, which, at the end of the day, is the whole point.

What does concern me is to gain a little more peace by the end of each day, and that will lead me to where it leads me. Reading your positives and negatives it seems like you were are? As you obviously did gain some benefit, why not take another course then commit to say six months of twice-daily practice and then review any possible benefits and what changes you might have undergone?

But I think I was also able to recognize even based on a short meeting the extent to which other people had some of the qualities that I was aspiring to Example: I may do another meditation retreat at some point not necessarily vipassana but not for a while. My dear friend did the retreat and has done 30 hour ones as well. He is adament that it is complete brainwashing and that he was fully concious of this the whole time, though not many are.

Is the meditation sitting up or laying down? I am strongly attracted to this experience, and am curious of other places similar that one may know of so I can compare and come up with an informative decision.

Thank you for your review. If your friend thought it was brainwashing the whole time, why did he continue doing more retreats? Also, did your friend not tell you if the meditation was sitting up or lying down?

First 3 days normal — due to anapana session 4th day — Vipasana day — terrible 5th day — meditation practice — terrible 6th day — Ganga, Jamuna Saraswathi day — terrible 7th day — Bhangavastha -terrible 5,6,7 day are called as adhistana one should have strong determination.

Did you find that there were any benefits at all? What made it terrible? This blog is exactly what I was looking to read prior to my retreat. Could I ask you which location you attended? Did you see any of that? Hi Mike, I attended the one near Toronto — http: I managed only two days and could not wait to leave. I wished I had read your blog before I attended. The Goenka chanting seemed bizarre and I was also turned off immediately when I was told that the Vipassana way was the only way.

I contracted a bout of flu before I arrived and this meant I was spluttering in the meditation hall which was a disturbance to everyone, but which also allowed me a swift and grateful exit when I asked to leave. It also meant that I could not meditate using the technique chosen by Goenka as he insists that you focus on the air movements in your nostrils.

Attenders please note — If you have a sinus problem, you will not be able to mediate as Goenka instructs you to. Hi Justin I want to attend a vipasana meditation on this month. Iam going there with many expectations. Even then I have booked for it expecting positive results. Go with an attitude to learn a new technique, and to test it out with an open mind. See my reply below: But I will say this as a native speaker of hindi: The chanting in not religious- There are two minor religious rituals- 3 sentences on day 1, and 3 on day 4.

Rest of it is not religious!!! Most of it is just songs along the lines of:. People talk too much, do nothing. People talk about doing the right thing, but they fail to do it. Nobody can get over their suffering by talking.

Nobody can get over their suffering by praying. You can only get over your suffering by understanding them. You can only understand by thinking about them. I understand your reservations fully.

But you might be using the word subliminal in a wrong way. It means an input that our conscious mind ignores but unconscious mind perceives. But this requires for the input to be in some way understandable by us. If no, then let us know any there were any inputs that were given to you which you think were with the deliberate attempt to: If you fail, then you would have learnt to use subliminal in the right way!

Nobody is being venerated. And you have a chance to try out the practice and see if you feel it affects you in the moment. I think it would be harsh to expect benefits out of it 10 days in, when it was clearly mentioned that there would be none. If there would, then it would be magic, or better put- miracle. The practice here is like Yoga, 10 days are not enough for a perceptible difference.

I found your information and many of the posted commentary both interesting and useful. I am attending a 10 day retreat at the SoCal Twenty Nine Palms site in a couple of days, my first extended retreat experience.

Glad you enjoyed reading about my experience. Based on my experience it seems to me that it would be nearly impossible for one to complete these 10 days and not come away with the clear realization that yes, there IS something to this meditation experience.

It was quite interesting coming back home and working on a daily sitting practice…. This was a real learning experience. I will be going to my first 10 days vipassana retreat in mid May. I have been meditating on a daily basis for 4 months now. More importantly, I have been practicing the vipassana practice mindfulness and observing the mind from waking up to sleeping daily. In terms of meditation, I have only been focusing on the breathing meditation.

In my waking moment, I have been focusing on mindfulness and being aware of my thoughts, which is vipassana practice outside of the sitting meditation. I can tell you that it works. I have experienced extreme soothing sensations of the head when my mind is very still for a stretch of time. One time was at Costco. I suddenly felt extremely mindful and everything was very vivid. Vipassana meditation during sitting and practice which is during the waking moments helps to decouple the narrative focus of your mind from the experiential focus.

It is the narrative focus that slips our mind from experiential focus into daydreaming, movie playing in the head, negative thinking, and etc. Our narrative focus creates the storytelling, distorting our perceptions and consciousness.

The path to liberation from suffering or an egoic mind that is always distorting our reality through storytelling in our mind is through vipassana practice, faith, wisdom, and morality. Buddha did not teach any religion. He simply taught how the mind works and how his insight meditation vipassana meditation and other pathways can help liberate the mind from suffering or delusion of the true reality. I have enrolled for a vipassana course in May but after reading this blog I do not think I will be confirming my place.

Maybe a seasoned Buddhist would be better able to comment. Of course we actually do this a lot, whether or not we realize it. The opposite of doing this would be being so concerned with results that it creates debilitating anxiety. More specifically to the OP, this idea of attachment meaning not caring is a common mistake in Buddhism that even long-term Buddhists can be guilty of.

Make no mistake however that caring, not to mention compassion, is key to Buddhism. Part of the key to understanding can be found in the idea of accepting change — for better or for worse.

Love life, and take your role in it. Life will be life, with or without your plans. It has always been this way. You will experience life, and life will experience you. Life may even experience itself through you, if you want to get weird. Furthermore, you are and will continue to be a feeling person. The idea of eliminating suffering does not mean you are eliminating emotion.

You will be happy, you will experience sorrow. However, the way in which you experience these things changes. The way you perceive these things changes. The first one was five years ago, and I did not derive much benefit from that one. Because I was obviously not ready for it.

However — I did not blame S. Goenka or his teachers for my failings. The failure to glean more from the teachings rested entirely in my own lap.

The second course was every bit as difficult as the first — although the accommodations, situation, teachers and everything else was of a far higher standard.

This I attribute to the fact that my first course was in Africa, where the people are less affluent than in first world countries. Fact of the matter is that I believe I was ready for the training this time. And this time I have managed to sit for an hour in the morning and an hour at night. Note that these sittings are not brilliantly executed. I battle, still, to focus my attention on the task at hand. My thoughts still scatter like frightened chickens in all directions. I am making progress, however slow.

There is too much to wade through to find exact quotes to respond to in the thread above … may I just say how important it is to make sure, when you embark on any life-changing seminar, course or training, that you are totally honest in your application.

But the teacher saw me through it. And Vipassana training can never be accused of being a cultish practice. It is universal — if you experienced any coercion toward one religion or another that is the fault of the staff at the time — not the intention of S. If you listen to his discourses with open ears and heart you will understand that this is based on pure science.

Thats because they left out the intent to integrate. The felt resonances in your body are passed down from your parents. Then, events in the first seven years of life trigger those felt resonances and emotions contained within them. Look at each of those feelings as a hard part of your heart ego. You give them your unconditional attention and acceptance aka — unconditional love.

As you love them, they convert from dysfunctional, stuck emotions energy , to functional healthy emotions energy.

The dysfunctional emotions are fear, anger, grief, and any combination of those. When they integrate into your heart, it feels amazing. You usually laugh and cry happy tears for a while.

When all is integrated, you no longer get angry or fearful or sad. The Presence Process explains how to do this and walks you through it week by week. Only takes two fifteen-minute breathing sessions a day, basically.

It changed my life completely, and my health is marginally better now too. Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience … I have attended one session in and it completely changed my outlook towards world.. I come from dharmic background Hindu so I could relate much easily to the concepts.

I have been doing daily practice for past two years and I am getting insight in bits as I observe myself and understand from my experience. I have also attended number of one day sessions and this also helped me.

So sum total of my experience is that it took me many session of listening to Goenkaji and reading about doctrine to over come my negative behaviour pattern.. I have not become buddha but I have more control on my emotions and my family is happy with me. I did it at age 26 and at 52 It helps to continue a regular meditation practice which I have continued for 25 years or so. Meditation practice will change your life for the better if you continue doing it and it is proven scientifically to be beneficial in many ways.

When we learn to observe your thoughts, we can learn to master them. As for the feeling of the gash in your forehead, it sounds like your third eye opened. I had more strange bodily experiences the first time than the second time but it is always different for everyone. For me this time, I learned mostly about compassion. It will transform your life, especially if you keep meditating daily, even 20 min twice a day. Sorry to take you back to basics! Are the bath and toilet clean, and so also bed mattress and pillow?

Can I take my walk once a day when hey give a decent break? Thanks and Rgds Rahul. At the location where I did the retreat, yes the bathroom and bedding were clean. Joining The Yoga Institute has been the wisest decision of my life. Hansaji has helped me replace disturbances in my life with sheer happiness.

It has not only helped me in my singing career but as an individual also. Sukhwinder Singh - Playback Singer. The Yoga Institute has a very positive vibe to it. I came to this institution seeking relief from stress and anxiety.

The ambience of this place is very homely and inviting. The Yoga teachers, staff, hostel facility, a Sattavic kitchen and volunteers are of great help. It was a great opportunity to meet Smt. Hansaji and get guidance about Yoga in daily life. A sublime human being with so much wisdom; I am in awe of this place and her teachings. Smt Hansaji taught me how to get satisfaction from work as well as balance enjoyment of domestic life. I feel blessed to be associated with an institute that is almost a hundred years old.

Disha Vakani - Film Actress. This is the first time I am doing yoga and I am enjoying it a lot; I feel really relaxed. My teacher from The Yoga Institute makes the whole process quite simplified and fun for me. I am in my last week of pregnancy and I regret not starting yoga before. I might continue my yoga lessons even after my delivery.

Thank you for this great experience. Shweta Tiwari - Film Actress. I am training with a teacher from The Yoga Institute. My experience with learning and training in Yoga has been marvelous. The quality of the teaching and the teacher surely makes the difference as it not only includes my training but it has also made me aware of the benefits of practicing every posture.

Yoga is not only a workout pattern, it is a life changing process. Many thanks to The Yoga Institute for all the help.

Shilpa Shirodkar - Film Actress. Thousands of people visit The Yoga Institute daily, with problems ranging from minor to life threatening health issues, weight loss, family discords, professional tensions, depression, etc.

All are helped without discrimination. It was my good fortune to get associated with The Yoga Institute. Impressive positive vibes and humility is palpable as soon as you enter the gates of this institution that is almost a hundred years old. The atmosphere is full of reverence and humility without indulgence of tooting the horn of Yoga knowledge or media wisdom for display. It was just an ordinary day of when I fir s t entered the door s of The legendary Yoga Institute, unaware of the world inside, while stepping in, with throbbing heart to try my luck in yoga.

First time in my life, I met a living Yogi stood right in front of me and Smt. Hansa Ji an ever smiling and motherly figure. By then I had no idea what my future holds of me. They only said few words to me and that changed my world to what I am today. Saheb and Maa has transformed me unto. Saheb and Maa accepting me with my flaws, allowed me to stay inside TYI where I lived for 21 months and giving me a new birth. Yes I was born again in , November 1. I owe every single breath of mine to them.

I have been a part of The Yoga Institute since over two decades now. I would say that I have not only personally benefitted from their teachings but also introduced the Corporate Training Program to our team at Brescon. I would most certainly recommend this course to all corporate executives who wish to be benefitted through the ancient science of Yoga.

When practiced regularly, the yoga techniques taught in this program help in stress management and enhancing the quality of professional and personal life. I first went to The Yoga Institute in November Back then, I was going through unusual circumstances and was in a state of depression.

Jayadeva altered the course of my life. Madan Bahal - MD, Adfactors. I have been associated with The Yoga Institute since It has helped me go through the upheavals of my life with a balanced state of mind and had helped me achieve whatever I have professionally. You cannot underestimate the importance of innovation, technology and strategy but it is as important to have values, beliefs and philosophy in business.

To sum it up, I would say that Jetking is where it is today because of its association with yoga. The atmosphere of The Yoga Institute is so relaxing. I am really grateful to the institute for everything. While being there, I realized Yoga is much deeper subject than just a tool for good health. The Yoga Institute is a very special place. Yoga is something that brings you closer to the higher world.

It has transformed my life and has taught me the kind of attitude one should have towards life. For me yoga is about changing yourself rather than changing other people.

Both good and bad things happen because they are both inevitable. We must learn to accept what comes our way and move on. Asanas and pranayamas when done daily definitely aide physical and mental development.

Other than that maintaining a daily routine where one gets up early in the morning and sleeps on time, eats on time, etc. I am doing Yoga from last 6 years. Yoga has strengthened me mentally as well as physically.

In shooting, while aiming a shot a single negative thought can distract your mind and you can end up with a bad shot. Yoga inspires me again to set my goal for Olympics. Hearty Congratulations to The Yoga Institute for stepping into its th year. I am not really a Yoga kind of person but my sister and aunt referred me to The Yoga Institute's pregnancy camp. It was a great suggestion. The camp helped me keep my mind and body fit and prepared for the natural changes.

The whole experience really helped me not only through pregnancy and delivery but also in the upbringing of my child. Also the effects are visible in my son too. He's an active and cheerful baby. The experts coming in, give a detailed view of what is expected and what can be done. I would definitely refer it to my friends and family henceforth. Nehal Gala — Architect. The Yoga Institute has been so crucial in the making of my film on the institute. Hansaji was the first person I interviewed when I started the film and her wisdom, compassion and support has influenced the film greatly and myself personally in my own spiritual growth.

The Institute is a special place and a sacred place. It has great vibes. I realized that Yoga is a way of life — a system to harmonize body, mind and spirit. The impact of Yoga on my life has been transformative especially when I was introduced to Yoga philosophy. In fact I find great connect between Yogic principles and investor psychology which I quote very often in my investor meets. I am grateful to The Yoga Institute and all its teachers for imparting invaluable lessons of Yoga. The Yoga Institute completely moulded my personality and my approach towards life.

This is a spiritual place. A place that has taught me how to live a life as I live a practical life. To be able to incorporate spirituality into my daily life has been a great gift to me. I have learnt a lot from The Yoga Institute. It is a beautiful place to be yourself.

Jennifer Cluff - Bollywood Actor and Producer. Thank you The Yoga Institute for transforming my life. Asha Asrani - Yoga Teacher. Yoga is very useful and it helps me in my studies.

Whenever I do Yoga I feel fresh and nice. I enjoy doing asanas, they also help me increase concentration and stay focused. Vinayak Suri — Student. I was in search of something. I felt half empty when i arrived at The Yoga Institute. During my time here in February I saw a huge change in my behaviour, my routine, my outlook and my diet.

I want to thank The Yoga Institute for all of its offerings from my heart. Not only for myself, but for everyone that comes through the gates here in search of understanding, purpose, realisation, progression and self development for a better quality of life. Muito Obrigado The Yoga Institute. I had been looking to do a Yoga teacher training for 5 years before I came across The Yoga Institute. I came here without knowing anything about the place, with no expectations, and found a rich and holistic learning experience.

The Yoga Institute has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and I suggest its training to anyone looking for an authentic yogic experience. Brianne Vaillancourt - Student from Canada.

September ; it has been exactly 5 years since the time I first walked through the gates of The Yoga Institute, and since then there's been no looking back.

The Institute is such a wonderful place. The heads of the Institute, Smt. Hansaji and Doctor saab are like magnets who attract positivity, happiness and contentment.

I feel blessed to have come here and be in touch with the dignitaries of the Institute. Life has changed since and I attribute all my progress to The Yoga Institute, to the teachers and to my fellow students, who have been there for me and motivated me to go on when ever I have fallen back. Shashi Sarda - Yoga Teacher. I was always under the impression that Yoga was all about performing asanas. But, after joining The Yoga Institute in and undergoing the 1 month TTC I came to realize that the asanas and the postures is just one of many divine aspects of Yoga.

I joined the institute when I was battling depression. Here I learnt so many ways to look at and to deal with my inner most struggles. Yoga believes in the flowing nature of life and that is exactly how it teaches us to perform asanas - by letting the body flow, by letting go of things that are not in our control and letting life take its own course while we focus on developing our spiritual being.

I did not think twice before joining the classes. Divij Mirchandani - Sadhaka. But I remember very clearly that morning after Parisamvada when I met Smt. Hansaji and discussed about my career change.

Her advice was very crisp and clear.. I would like to thank Dr Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji for always supporting and guiding me. The best part about Smt. Hansaji is her very approachable and friendly nature. It would be incomplete if I don't mention Mrs Desai's endless efforts for guiding every student of this Institute with so much of love and affection. I will always be part of this beautiful Yoga family where ever I will be. Ankita Sood - Yoga Teacher. The teachers at TYI are very helpful and are willing to give personal attention if needed.

The institute not only helps us do asanas but makes us better version of ourselves. Kudos to The Yoga Institute! Sonaakshi Raaj - Celebrity Fashion Designer. I worked for many years in corporate firms, and the moment I started working as a Freelance Architect, suddenly world changed for me.

I had to be self disciplined. The day to day struggle of balancing personal and professional sectors brought me to yogic lifestyle. The knowledge and experience provided by TYI during 3 mttc and Internship, actually helped me to quench the thirst of learning logical householder yogic practices.

Institute provides everything like hygienic Sattvik food, suitable accommodation, organic indoor outdoor spaces, and undisputedly best yet humble Yoga teachers. If any body is looking forward to attain balanced state of mind, body and soul, This is where, one should come.

Amit Sharma - Sadhaka. The Yoga Institute for me is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. It is that small ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel.

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards my beloved gurus Dr. Hansaji for introducing me to the beautiful world of Yoga. I was clueless about the strength of the Yoga till I met Smt. I have gone through many professional and personal challenges in the last couple of years.

I came to The Yoga Institute without any idea about where I am going to go next. Today I not only have an idea about myself but I also know where I'm going. We will certainly each in our own way keep "spreading the light of Yoga" just the way you have taught us. I joined The Yoga Institute in May, for the 7 day health camp.

The nurturing environment at The Yoga Institute where work is germinated to provide opportunity for self-growth has smoothen many rough edges in my personality and provided a larger view of life. In all I was greatly helped to reduce irritability. Also the caring project started by Dr.

Saab helped the Sadhaks to practice Ahimsa. The Yoga institute is my second home. It lifted our lives from the mundane to the purposeful. In the true sense we were able to understand the true meaning and purpose of our lives and existence on earth!! We remain indebted to them for making us what we are today.

Priyam Waghmare - Yoga Teacher. My journey at The Yoga Institute has been very special. It started while I was accompanying my friend only because she found Yoga boring at the same time I had no idea what Yoga had in store for me.

From pursuing Business studies from London to dedicating myself to Yoga, it has been a transformational journey for me.

I feel beyond special to have Hansaji for always guiding me. Desai for playing such an important role in my life. Bhakti Rawal - Teacher. I now find myself in the last week of the TTC, almost lost words with the depth I have discovered not only within myself but with the knowledge given to me from the wonderfully devoted teachers here.

The Yoga Institute has been providing gifts to many many people who pass through the gates. It gives invaluable, beautiful tools and practices for all those in search of growth. It is almost time for us to leave but the show must go on and we shall share what we have gained. Kelly Mason - Student from London.

A place where one can transform oneself into a genuine human being if one chooses to be. I don't say there is no negativity here after all its part of real world, people from all walks of life and nature come here, but beauty is that we are taught how to accept them and remain positive.

So we learn by actual experiences. Strengthening the positivity is the core in teaching. My journey in the Institute has been a positively transforming one. Thanks to the Founder, Mother Sitadevi, Dr. Nishi Tatariya - Yoga Teacher. After which, in I took up the job of librarian, hence stayed connected with the Institute.

I feel eternally blessed by God to be here. Words fall short to express my gratitude for this place. Special thanks to Mrs. Falguni Barodia - Sadhaka. The Yoga Institute is like to meet your parents for the first time of your life unknowingly. I was a 3 Months TTC student and it was a great experience. TYI is like an oxygen bubble where you live for 3 months and mould yourself to become a better human.

I will always remember Hansaji telling us to remove our black glasses and start seeing with a positive approach. Marion Dutiler - Switzerland. I was interested in Yoga since a long time. I started coming just for some weekend classes, then gave a try to 21 Days Better Living Course, which I loved and I really recommend it.

Also the Institute is QCI certified. The Sattvic food offered at The Yoga Institute is delicious. I think Yoga can have impact on our lives and The Yoga Institute is one of the best places in the world to discover it. They say when the student is ready the Guru appears. I came across The Yoga Institute when I was questioning the purpose of my life. Life experiences had battered my ego enough to receive the wisdom of Yoga in a spirit of humility and surrender. Whatever work I was assigned at the Institute I did it with dedication, realizing the value of being committed to whatever I did.

I have experienced exponential personal growth in a short period of time. I actualized my creative gifts as a leader, teacher, counsellor and writer. Every day of my life I express gratitude to the almighty for bestowing me with the gift of The Yoga Institute. For me it is not just an institute, it is a sanctuary for my soul. Ajay Kalra - Counsellor.

I always desired to do some kind of formal training in Yoga and got this wonderful opportunity at The Yoga Institute. I had joined to become a teacher but as the course progressed, I realised, I needed to be a student first as there was so much to explore and study about oneself. So I started working towards self development. Connecting asanas with attitude Dharma, Jnana, Vairagya and Aishwarya is the most important and beautiful part of learning at The Yoga Institute.

Chanting yoga sutras along with the Gurus has been a relaxing and soothing experience in my 7 months TTC. Hansaji's talks, divine energy of Dr. Jayadeva, lessons by amazing teachers, dedication of the staff members, peaceful and clean environment of the institute helps me to become a better person each day. I am extremely grateful to God for being associated with The Yoga Institute in this lifetime. Puja Heliwal - Householder. Only after coming to The Yoga Institute, I became aware of the real meaning of Yoga, that it is a way of life and not just asanas.

I am so glad to undertake the 7 month teachers training course. Not only has it helped me to understand myself better but I am now empowered with the knowledge and tools to live peacefully. One of the most important lessons learnt at this Life School is the art of a healthy way of living at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Deepa Thukral - Contributing Editor. My experience through The Yoga Institute has been very special and beautiful. I came just for a course and I feel intimately connected with this place because it touched my heart. The 3 Months TTC that I have done has been fantastic, management, office workers, students, teachers, energy, theory, practical exercises, food everything with a powerful insight to bring the development of a healthy lifestyle through one of the oldest philosophy in the world Samkhya.

Yoga is such a powerful ancient knowledge handed by the founder Shri Yogendraji "the guru" and keeping on with the actual family members that they are maintaining a high energy environment with an awesome personality and taking care of all the members of the Institute.

I am associated with this institute for the last 10 years. I have gained so much positive energy from this place and wonderful experience. My life has drastically changed. This place taught me to keep smiling all the time. This place is full of beautiful flowers, plants and trees that will never fail to soothe your mind and soul.

The Yoga Institute changed my perspective towards life and I am happy to the fullest. The working environment is so much better. Prema Sachin Parab - Sadhaka. I joined this Institute 7 years back as a student in regular class and since then there is no looking back. As a student I was really impressed with the teachers and the way of teaching. My brother absorbed this and told me to quit the job and work at the Institute instead.

Presently, Hrishi sir and Praneeji are working hard to take The Yoga Institute to even greater heights. Poonam Khurana - Sadhaka. I am associated with The Yoga Institute since 4 years now in bookstore department. Being here is like being part of a big family. Everyone here is very helpful. I feel really fortunate to be associated with Institute. Journey so far has been very good. I feel lucky to be part of this big family. Pradnya Harish - Sadhaka.

The workshop has helped me a lot. Specially being in the present moment when with family members. I was not aware I am being disconnected. Now I am able to control my emotions as I have understood myself better.

I have read books on chakras but Dr Atul has presented them in much more detail and clear and simple language so that all can understand. Hansaji talk was the best. Everything was so well organized. The volunteers are well mannered and helpful. Will tell my patients to do this program. The Yoga Institute is like a peaceful oasis in the hectic and loud city of Mumbai. I loved every single day of the three months teachers training course and I learned so much.

I will always be grateful that I came here. The journey at the institute has been unbelievable. Katja Ruscher - Student from Germany. Our director and her team is very approachable for official as well as personal issue. The atmosphere here oozes out with positivity and serenity.

I feel lucky to be a part of this big Institute. Rakhi Khatri - Sadhaka. The Yoga Institute offers a blend of learning, mind and body exercise, as well as an integration of enduring principles. To its students, it provides a comprehensive education, emphasizing the benefits of yoga as part of a conscience and mindful lifestyle.

The learning environment makes it easy for students to learn and inculcate the spirit of yoga. The Institute is managed extremely well; a student always finds himself in a pool of never ending opportunities, be it experiential or spiritual.

The growth I have seen in myself due to the Institute is invaluable. I entered the Institute as a student of One Month Teacher Training course in and then my journey started as an Accountant here in and it continues till date. When I look behind, so many pleasant memories come to my mind. Many changes have taken place in the Institute in a few years.

The working of the Institute has changed. No doubt we were working previously too. The major difference between the working style in corporate and the institute is direct approach to all the bosses. As soon as I joined the Institute my lifestyle changed. Since I was working for the corporate and due to my position, late sittings in the office and eating junk food was a daily routine. I decided that this is my second and the last job.

Kauser Bengali - Sadhaka. I finished my 7 months of teacher's training. Institute has made me a complete difference person.

Whenever I get time in my day I visit institute, not because I get something, but because I get clean every time, I get better every single day. Under the guidance of Hansaji, whenever I have any problem or I don't get any answer in my life, I just go and sit in parisamwada and all answers are served.

I always tell my students If you can do this 3 months course you can do anything in this world, you completely get stronger and better. You get that inner strength to do something The Yoga Institute has deeply changed my life.

While attending the 1 month TTC, I learned the tools to completely transform my body and mind. The work that you put in will have profound effects on how you view the world, act in the world and find your place in it. Not only did I graduate, I found a new home. Tucked into the heart of Mumbai, The Yoga Institute gives you the tools you need to become the very best person you are meant to be.

The staff is outstanding in helping in the journey. I found family in both students and instructors. These relationships have made a lasting impact on my life. Taking any class, the Yoga Institute offers will do so much more for you than teach you yoga. It will give you your life back and let you have control of the reigns once again. My journey at the Institute has been beautiful.

The best part is I learn so much from the students also at the Institute. This place is a like a gem in Mumbai city. Vaishali Shah — Sadhaka. It was only because of what I learned here I could maintain my balance in crises situation, take right decision, not lose faith in GOD, be patient and work objectively. So far the experience at this institute has been overwhelming. I have met people from different walks of life come here for the same purpose and that is to connect with the supreme energy.

The institute has a very positive vibe all the time and the mentors have been really kind and generous in helping us overcome our issue. Disha Gupta — Mumbai. Prabha Srinivasan — Australia. I have enjoyed the experience of the one month Teachers Training Course. The course is holistic and covers all aspects of yoga and will help very participant to become a confident Yoga Instructor.

Nitin Rao - India. Jitendra Belani — India. Swapna Malekar - India. The knowledge of yoga right from its base has an enriching effect of learning.

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