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Comprehensive Guide for Amazon Global Selling (AGS)

At checkout, the customer pays for the order, which includes international shipping, an import fee deposit Duty , and the product cost.

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Go Global Logistics can move your international freight shipments to and from anywhere in the world! We file electronically with US Customs and are able to provide rapid US Customs clearance for your freight shipping for import export activities. With our dedicated agents, attention to detail, and specialized international shipping services, Go Global makes the process of import export and international shipping simple and easy for companies of all sizes.

Are you ready to Go Global? Welcome to Go Global Logistics. Go Global Logistics is a full service Customs broker , air freight forwarder and international trade consulting firm.

We specialize in helping small and mid-sized businesses manage their international shipments and all aspects of international trade, ensuring your goods reach their destination on time and in good condition. Whether you are a first time importer or your company already has an established supply chain, we will provide you with the best customer service available and streamlined shipping solutions that can save you valuable time and money. As businesses large and small realize the benefits of international trade, the importance of an efficient and transparent supply chain has never been greater.

Go Global Logistics provides every service you will need to facilitate the movement of your products around the globe. Every shipment is our top priority. Complete supply chain design. Go Global Online Marketplace. Go Global Trax - online tracking. Go Global Total Trade Solutions. Secure, full life-cycle key management. DevOps and Toolchain Orchestration for any environment. By Barracuda Networks, Inc. Cloud Generation Firewall for Distributed Enterprises.

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