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Königsberg required major repairs before she would be able to return to Germany, so she was temporarily moored in the harbor with her broadside facing the harbor entrance.

This would allow her to bring all of her main battery guns to bear against any British naval attack. The rest of Gruppe 3 returned to Germany. On the evening of 9 April, she was attacked by British bombers, but to no effect. The following morning, the British launched another air raid on the ship.

Königsberg ' s thin deck armor rendered her quite vulnerable to dive bomber attack. The dive bombers attacked at 7: Half of the dive bombers had completed their dives before the crew realized they were under attack.

Only one large anti-aircraft gun was reported as being manned with shells being fired once every five seconds from the aft of the ship with lighter anti-air weapons firing from the shore and adjacent ships firing even later in the attack.

One penetrated her thin deck armor, went through the ship, and exploded in the water, causing significant structural damage. Another hit destroyed the auxiliary boiler room.

Two more bombs exploded in the water next to the ship; the concussion from the blasts tore large holes in the hull. She took on a heavy list almost immediately, and the captain ordered the crew to abandon the ship. It took slightly less than three hours from the start of the attack for the ship to completely capsize and sink, which gave the crew enough time to evacuate many of the dead and wounded.

They also had time to remove a significant amount of ammunition and equipment from the stricken cruiser. The wreck was raised on 17 July , [2] and slowly broken up for scrap thereafter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of light cruisers of Germany. Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in April Brummer , U 18 Apr: Each work within the room would be intensly bright without the effects of the paint and would be almost too bright to look at.

In the work Constellation Grow Lights , lights that are used for growing plants have been painted over to block out almost all of the UV light creating a contrast to the lights original intention. Only with the actions of Dadson does he create a cosmic space where the energy of the industrial lights that usually function to make it impossible to see the night sky within the city create their own unique constellation.

The installation creates a place for meditation, where the intense pull of the lights draws one closer to reveal the texture and build-up of paint while making evident the energy contained within the lights.

Andrew Dadson lives and works in Vancouver. Scott Gallery, Vancouver Selected group exhibitions include: A While Ago I Remembered. Anche il motivo geometrico del pavimento rimanda alla lavorazione tipica delle mattonelle arabe e islamiche, una volta comuni nella maggior parte delle abitazioni di quei paesi. Current Galleria Franco Noero has decided to make available some areas of Apply its premises, for a period of 6 to 12 months, to independent organisations, artists and not-for-profit spaces on the Italian and international scene.

With the aim of bringing about real interaction between contemporary languages and experiments, they are invited to submit a programme that is completely independent from that of the Gallery. For the first year, from November , the space was made available to Cripta , a not-for-profit organisation. Solo presentation by Kirsten Pieroth In addition artworks by: Scott Gallery and Galleria Franco Noero, Scott Gallery,Vancouver, British Columbia, Taguchi Art Collection 01, Tokyo, Bijutsu, General Services Administration Juncosa, Enrique.

Boy and Dwarf, c. Blanton Museum of Art: Paris France Bradley, Jessica. Generalitat Valenciana Boris, Staci. Gober, Koons and More. December 11 Ammarati, Dominic.

Whitney Museum of American Art. Published by Galleria Franco Noero. Silberkuppe — Under one umbrella, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, , pp. Dispersion, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, pp. Made in Germany, Sprengel Museum Hannover, , pp. Trapholt Museum, Kolding, Dänemark , p. Zusammenhänge herstellen, on the occasion of the same titled exhibition at Kunstverein Hamburg , Cologne: The nordic art review, Vol.

Museum of Contemporary Art, , p. A Publishers, Minneapolis, Hoffman, Irene and Laurence Gateau eds. The Possibility of the Impossible, Frankfurt: Roy is an active factor in many fire safety groups and standardisation committees. Roy is very committed to educate governments, insurers and fire departments on the subject of fire safety of buildings.

He tries to actively build a relationship between technical training programs for students and the business, which shows his continuous support for knowledge sharing in the construction sector. Bettina has spent over 25 years within the chemical industry and a dominant share thereof in areas of the building and construction industry. Bettina has expertise in concrete admixtures and structures as well as dry mortar additives and development of formulation compounds for e.

She was leading several different innovation units and has launched successfully new products within the building and construction area. Improved comfort and a sustainable solution with reduced energy consumption!

He has more than 20 years of experience in this field. Christoph studied core and elementary physics and made his final thesis about thin film coatings. After the merger with DuPont he is responsible for the global marketing of the architectural business.

This is going to get hot! Regional Commercial Manager, Guardian Europe. Lead Concept Designer - Cladding, Scheldebouw. Director, Centre for Window and Cladding Technology. Hot to Cold View Profile. The Narrative of Shelter. The Narrative of Shelter View Profile. Weaving tomorrow View Profile. From Digital engineering to digital fabrication: How is the future of building skin design and construction changing?

The journey of an idea. The journey of an idea View Profile. Less material — More presence. Less material — More presence View Profile. Glass and the evolution of high-rise living. Glass and the evolution of high-rise living View Profile.

James Taylor Partner, Make Architects James has worked across a wide range of sectors during his year architecture career — from masterplanning to education to residential — and contributed to many high-profile designs, including the RIBA award-winning Wrap House in London and the Stirling Prize-winning Accordia development in Cambridge. Continued improvisation of best practice.

James Taylor Partner, Make Architects. Continued improvisation of best practice View Profile. James Ford Partner, Hoare Lea With a long-held interest in architecture and sustainability, James has more than 16 years of experience in the built environment. Solar shading and daylighting for smart buildings. James Ford Partner, Hoare Lea. Solar shading and daylighting for smart buildings View Profile.

Transparent designing of future buildings. Transparent designing of future buildings View Profile. The potential of high-end all-glass structures. The potential of high-end all-glass structures View Profile. Looking back - Moving forward: Where history inspires innovation. Where history inspires innovation View Profile. Fire safety regulations for buildings: Envelope optimisation of design and performance. Meredith Davey Director, Atelier Ten. Envelope optimisation of design and performance View Profile.

Gary Clark Head of Sustainability, WilkinsonEyre Gary Clark is an architect with a passion for creating architecture and places that deliver a truly sustainable future. Clyde Abela Associate Director, Wintech.

Veronica Muffatti Business Development for Architectural Applications, Siderval Veronica Muffatti is responsible of the development of architectural applications in Siderval, leader in the production of hot extruded special steel and titanium profiles. Christian Glatte General Manager, Schüco Digital Christian has been working in the software industry for more than 30 years. Digitalisation from BIM to final construction.

Unveiling an innovative material. Unveiling an innovative material View Profile. To shade or not to shade? That is the question. That is the question View Profile. Part 2 View Profile. Safe, slim and sustainable: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask View Profile. Advanced interlayer offer additional value for laminated safety glazing. Advanced interlayer offer additional value for laminated safety glazing View Profile.

Session - 1 Weaving tomorrow delivers deep insights into the collaborative nature of the creative part of an engineers work, which helps delivering unique international landmark projects from concept to construction Materials of the future Projects for a better future Projects from a better past for a better future.

Manage projects complexity and dynamic digitally Improve efficiency from seamlessly integrated digital processes Stay on the top of the project and save time, reducing risk and stress!

Exploring forces that shape our cities and buildings and their envelopes with case studies of projects through the scorching heat of the Arabian Desert to the unforgiving chill of the Finnish tundra Exploring how design solutions are shaped by their cultural and climatic contexts to unlock the immense possibilities of adaptive architecture Mitigating the climatic extremes for hospitable human life, while finding solutions that can be both economically and environmentally profitable.

Ticking durability, adaptability, maintainability, upgradability and recyclability boxes right. Glass and where we live Glass and how we live Glass and why it matters. How do we link an ever specialising world to true design intent? Varying roles within a single discipline How can collaborative engineering and interlinked models unlock design potential?

Transparency and freedom of design Aesthetics, precision and variety of form Energy efficiency, economy and sustainability. Changing the face of world cities enabled by silicone Advances in non-glass panel bonding Improving energy performance with silicones.

Principles of acoustic damping in glass, different PVB interlayers and their benefits Examples of building application with laminated acoustic glazing and their advantages over regular glazing types Structural interlayer offer both post breakage performance and thinner glass construction.

Balancing between delicate material and complex architecture designs How are glass innovations helping in dynamic architecture? What next in the future of glass? Large-glass panes and the challenges for creating transparent building envelopes. Charting the development of this innovative building From challenge, to research, to concept, to prototype, to building, to place Creating a 21st century warehouse for work.


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