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In a centrally planned economy, decisions regarding the quantity of goods and services to be produced are planned in advance by a planning agency see also the analysis of Soviet-type economic planning.

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Rare to fill with moisture; saturate. Example sentences containing 'imbue' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. It was imbued with a sense of uncertainty. Times, Sunday Times How many sacred works have been composed through the centuries by people deeply imbued with the sense of the mystery! Christianity Today You can become imbued with the idea that there's no point. Times, Sunday Times They struggle to control their feelings, are imbued with a streak of hysteria and can fly into a rage if things go wrong.

Times, Sunday Times A group of single-minded athletes are being imbued with a sense of teamwork. Times, Sunday Times The question , of course , is whether this quality can be imbued by training. Times, Sunday Times Translate your text for free. Nearby words of 'imbue'. Definition of imbue from the Collins English Dictionary.

With correct posture and strengthening exercises for joints and muscles a lot of back and joint disorders can be managed. The techniques taught at this camp help to do just that. There is also medical guidance available in a special session with renowned Orthopaedic surgeons. Please enquire for Hindi course. The One Month TTC is basic certificate course which prepares students for teaching Yoga techniques to normal healthy adults.

The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga. Further, complete immersion into practical experiences of the principal Yoga asanas, pranayamas, Kiryas, concept studies, public speaking, the methodology of teaching etc. The Yoga Institute pioneered techniques and Bhavas. Detailed anatomy and physiology classes conducted by Yoga experts will cover theory and practice.

Successful students will also be eligible to appear for the QCI — Level 1 certificate exam viva only , conducted by QCI appointed examiners. All participants are required to attend at least one Satsang on Sunday between 9. We accept all credit cards. Enquire with us for any other payment options. Arrival at The Yoga Institute should be between 7: The course is quite intensive and students are expected to [ This is an advanced and comprehensive training course conducted in Hindi. The course is quite intensive and students are expected to complete the course curriculum in 1 year.

In addition to class attendance, participants are required to volunteer in various Camps, and the Sunday Satsangs. Besides, students have to read, study and prepare submissions and presentations, as required. This course trains students to teach Yoga to all age groups, and in the management of various diseases. Highly trained teachers conduct this course. On completion of full class attendance minimum days and all other pre-requisites, an examination shall be conducted and successful students will be awarded certificates.

All lectures will be in Hindi and students are expected to be fluent in speaking, reading and writing the language. After successful completion of 7 Day Camp, participants are required to submit a completed admission form with two passport sized photographs. The total fees of Rs. The fees are inclusive of books and other course material. Students will be allowed to extend the course by a further period of 4 months, post which, an additional fee of Rs.

The course is quite intensive and [ This is an advanced and comprehensive training course conducted in English. The course is quite intensive and students are expected to complete the course curriculum in 7 months. All lectures will be in English and students are expected to be fluent in speaking reading and writing the language. After successful completion of 7 Day Camp, participants will be required to fill a form at The Yoga Institute reception along a passport size photograph.

Students will be allowed to extend the course by a further period of 3 months, post which, an additional fee of Rs. Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate all over the world and particularly in India. There are several contributing factors towards this problem. Inspite of different types of [ Inspite of different types of diets and weight loss programs, often the results are not satisfactory.

Yoga deals with obesity at all levels- physical, mental, spiritual along with diet. Keeping all these in mind, The Yoga Institute has designed a special 1-day camp on Weight Management.

The camp is held on the last weekend of every month and includes specific stretches and Asanas , Pranayamas , Kriyas , interactive sessions with Hansaji, talks by medical specialists, health counselling, yogic counselling, personalized diet programs, low-calorie diet recipes, etc. Lately, almost every second person is being diagnosed with diabetes. Unchecked and untreated diabetes can lead to many more health complications. The root cause of most diseases is [ The root cause of most diseases is in the mind and lifestyle and diet also play an important role in having a healthy body.

Learn to manage your diabetes well through Asanas , Pranayamas and Kriyas , etc. The Yoga Institute has been conducting Respiratory Camps since where preventive measures for respiratory problems are covered. The 1-day camp held every month covers yogic techniques, talks [ The 1-day camp held every month covers yogic techniques, talks by Smt. Hansaji, medical experts, relaxation techniques, etc. The camp is very interactive and gives the campers an opportunity to get their doubts and queries answered.

The fight against Asthma and Bronchitis begins with a strong will to overcome your disability and has to be backed by an implicit faith in yourself. The Yogic life strengthens your will, augments your faith in yourself and opens air passages. How soon you can breathe with ease and on your own, depends on yourself.

Some may achieve it in weeks, others may take months. But what are you waiting for? STRESS is the "wear and tear" our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment; it has physical and emotional effects on us and can create [ Positive stress adds anticipation and excitement to life, and we all thrive under a certain amount of stress.

Deadlines, competitions, and even our frustrations add depth and enrichment to our lives. Our goal here at the Yoga Institute is not to eliminate stress but to learn how to manage it and how to use it to help us.

Learn to lead a healthy life under stressful situations at our 1-day stress management camps. The course is quite intensive as students are expected to complete the course [ This is an advanced and comprehensive training programme.

The course is quite intensive as students are expected to complete the course curriculum in 3 months. The course syllabus covers in depth study and practice of asanas, pranayamas and kriyas. In addition, students have to attend the experiential learning sessions, read, study and prepare submissions and presentations, as required. On completion of full attendance and all other pre-requisites, an examination shall be conducted at the end of the course, after which successful students will be awarded certificates.

All lectures will be in English for the Three Month TTC and students are expected to be fluent in speaking reading and writing the language. Our campus is managed like an ashram hermitage which inculcates discipline and promotes self reliance. The food served is strictly vegetarian. No prerequisite knowledge of Yoga is necessary, however it is encouraged that students come here with an open mind to learn Classical Yoga.

Registration has to be done 3 months prior for completion of visa formalities and other residential requirements. Arrival at The Yoga Institute should be between 7. The course is quite intensive as students are expected to complete the [ On completion of full attendance and all other pre-requisites, an examination shall be conducted at the end of the course, after which successful students will be awarded a certificates of The Yoga Institute. Our campus is managed like an ashram hermitage which inculcates discipline and promotes self-reliance.

Keep in touch with the latest updates on our activities and events by following our blog. Here is a scenario that may sound familiar to you. The Yoga Institute has changed my perspective towards Yoga i. Yoga has become an essential part of my life. I will always remember this quote of Dr. Shivkumar Sharma - Renowned Santoor Maestro. I joined The Yoga Institute four years back and since then there is no looking back. Joining The Yoga Institute has been the wisest decision of my life.

Hansaji has helped me replace disturbances in my life with sheer happiness. It has not only helped me in my singing career but as an individual also. Sukhwinder Singh - Playback Singer. The Yoga Institute has a very positive vibe to it. I came to this institution seeking relief from stress and anxiety. The ambience of this place is very homely and inviting. The Yoga teachers, staff, hostel facility, a Sattavic kitchen and volunteers are of great help. It was a great opportunity to meet Smt.

Hansaji and get guidance about Yoga in daily life. A sublime human being with so much wisdom; I am in awe of this place and her teachings. Smt Hansaji taught me how to get satisfaction from work as well as balance enjoyment of domestic life. I feel blessed to be associated with an institute that is almost a hundred years old.

Disha Vakani - Film Actress. This is the first time I am doing yoga and I am enjoying it a lot; I feel really relaxed. My teacher from The Yoga Institute makes the whole process quite simplified and fun for me. I am in my last week of pregnancy and I regret not starting yoga before. I might continue my yoga lessons even after my delivery.

Thank you for this great experience. Shweta Tiwari - Film Actress. I am training with a teacher from The Yoga Institute. My experience with learning and training in Yoga has been marvelous. The quality of the teaching and the teacher surely makes the difference as it not only includes my training but it has also made me aware of the benefits of practicing every posture. Yoga is not only a workout pattern, it is a life changing process.

Many thanks to The Yoga Institute for all the help. Shilpa Shirodkar - Film Actress. Thousands of people visit The Yoga Institute daily, with problems ranging from minor to life threatening health issues, weight loss, family discords, professional tensions, depression, etc.

All are helped without discrimination. It was my good fortune to get associated with The Yoga Institute. Impressive positive vibes and humility is palpable as soon as you enter the gates of this institution that is almost a hundred years old.

The atmosphere is full of reverence and humility without indulgence of tooting the horn of Yoga knowledge or media wisdom for display. It was just an ordinary day of when I fir s t entered the door s of The legendary Yoga Institute, unaware of the world inside, while stepping in, with throbbing heart to try my luck in yoga.

First time in my life, I met a living Yogi stood right in front of me and Smt. Hansa Ji an ever smiling and motherly figure. By then I had no idea what my future holds of me.

They only said few words to me and that changed my world to what I am today. Saheb and Maa has transformed me unto. Saheb and Maa accepting me with my flaws, allowed me to stay inside TYI where I lived for 21 months and giving me a new birth.

Yes I was born again in , November 1. I owe every single breath of mine to them. I have been a part of The Yoga Institute since over two decades now. I would say that I have not only personally benefitted from their teachings but also introduced the Corporate Training Program to our team at Brescon. I would most certainly recommend this course to all corporate executives who wish to be benefitted through the ancient science of Yoga.

When practiced regularly, the yoga techniques taught in this program help in stress management and enhancing the quality of professional and personal life. I first went to The Yoga Institute in November Back then, I was going through unusual circumstances and was in a state of depression. Jayadeva altered the course of my life. Madan Bahal - MD, Adfactors. I have been associated with The Yoga Institute since It has helped me go through the upheavals of my life with a balanced state of mind and had helped me achieve whatever I have professionally.

You cannot underestimate the importance of innovation, technology and strategy but it is as important to have values, beliefs and philosophy in business. To sum it up, I would say that Jetking is where it is today because of its association with yoga. The atmosphere of The Yoga Institute is so relaxing.

I am really grateful to the institute for everything. While being there, I realized Yoga is much deeper subject than just a tool for good health. The Yoga Institute is a very special place. Yoga is something that brings you closer to the higher world. It has transformed my life and has taught me the kind of attitude one should have towards life. For me yoga is about changing yourself rather than changing other people. Both good and bad things happen because they are both inevitable.

We must learn to accept what comes our way and move on. Asanas and pranayamas when done daily definitely aide physical and mental development. Other than that maintaining a daily routine where one gets up early in the morning and sleeps on time, eats on time, etc.

I am doing Yoga from last 6 years. Yoga has strengthened me mentally as well as physically. In shooting, while aiming a shot a single negative thought can distract your mind and you can end up with a bad shot.

Yoga inspires me again to set my goal for Olympics. Hearty Congratulations to The Yoga Institute for stepping into its th year.

I am not really a Yoga kind of person but my sister and aunt referred me to The Yoga Institute's pregnancy camp. It was a great suggestion. The camp helped me keep my mind and body fit and prepared for the natural changes. The whole experience really helped me not only through pregnancy and delivery but also in the upbringing of my child. Also the effects are visible in my son too. He's an active and cheerful baby. The experts coming in, give a detailed view of what is expected and what can be done.

I would definitely refer it to my friends and family henceforth. Nehal Gala — Architect. The Yoga Institute has been so crucial in the making of my film on the institute. Hansaji was the first person I interviewed when I started the film and her wisdom, compassion and support has influenced the film greatly and myself personally in my own spiritual growth.

The Institute is a special place and a sacred place. It has great vibes. I realized that Yoga is a way of life — a system to harmonize body, mind and spirit. The impact of Yoga on my life has been transformative especially when I was introduced to Yoga philosophy.

In fact I find great connect between Yogic principles and investor psychology which I quote very often in my investor meets. I am grateful to The Yoga Institute and all its teachers for imparting invaluable lessons of Yoga.

The Yoga Institute completely moulded my personality and my approach towards life. This is a spiritual place. A place that has taught me how to live a life as I live a practical life. To be able to incorporate spirituality into my daily life has been a great gift to me. I have learnt a lot from The Yoga Institute. It is a beautiful place to be yourself. Jennifer Cluff - Bollywood Actor and Producer. Thank you The Yoga Institute for transforming my life.

Asha Asrani - Yoga Teacher. Yoga is very useful and it helps me in my studies. Whenever I do Yoga I feel fresh and nice. I enjoy doing asanas, they also help me increase concentration and stay focused. Vinayak Suri — Student. I was in search of something. I felt half empty when i arrived at The Yoga Institute. During my time here in February I saw a huge change in my behaviour, my routine, my outlook and my diet.

I want to thank The Yoga Institute for all of its offerings from my heart. Not only for myself, but for everyone that comes through the gates here in search of understanding, purpose, realisation, progression and self development for a better quality of life. Muito Obrigado The Yoga Institute. I had been looking to do a Yoga teacher training for 5 years before I came across The Yoga Institute.

I came here without knowing anything about the place, with no expectations, and found a rich and holistic learning experience. The Yoga Institute has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and I suggest its training to anyone looking for an authentic yogic experience. Brianne Vaillancourt - Student from Canada. September ; it has been exactly 5 years since the time I first walked through the gates of The Yoga Institute, and since then there's been no looking back. The Institute is such a wonderful place.

The heads of the Institute, Smt. Hansaji and Doctor saab are like magnets who attract positivity, happiness and contentment. I feel blessed to have come here and be in touch with the dignitaries of the Institute. Life has changed since and I attribute all my progress to The Yoga Institute, to the teachers and to my fellow students, who have been there for me and motivated me to go on when ever I have fallen back.

Shashi Sarda - Yoga Teacher. I was always under the impression that Yoga was all about performing asanas. But, after joining The Yoga Institute in and undergoing the 1 month TTC I came to realize that the asanas and the postures is just one of many divine aspects of Yoga. I joined the institute when I was battling depression. Here I learnt so many ways to look at and to deal with my inner most struggles.

Yoga believes in the flowing nature of life and that is exactly how it teaches us to perform asanas - by letting the body flow, by letting go of things that are not in our control and letting life take its own course while we focus on developing our spiritual being. I did not think twice before joining the classes. Divij Mirchandani - Sadhaka. But I remember very clearly that morning after Parisamvada when I met Smt.

Hansaji and discussed about my career change. Her advice was very crisp and clear.. I would like to thank Dr Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji for always supporting and guiding me. The best part about Smt. Hansaji is her very approachable and friendly nature. It would be incomplete if I don't mention Mrs Desai's endless efforts for guiding every student of this Institute with so much of love and affection.

I will always be part of this beautiful Yoga family where ever I will be. Ankita Sood - Yoga Teacher. The teachers at TYI are very helpful and are willing to give personal attention if needed. The institute not only helps us do asanas but makes us better version of ourselves. Kudos to The Yoga Institute! Sonaakshi Raaj - Celebrity Fashion Designer. I worked for many years in corporate firms, and the moment I started working as a Freelance Architect, suddenly world changed for me.

I had to be self disciplined. The day to day struggle of balancing personal and professional sectors brought me to yogic lifestyle. The knowledge and experience provided by TYI during 3 mttc and Internship, actually helped me to quench the thirst of learning logical householder yogic practices. Institute provides everything like hygienic Sattvik food, suitable accommodation, organic indoor outdoor spaces, and undisputedly best yet humble Yoga teachers.

If any body is looking forward to attain balanced state of mind, body and soul, This is where, one should come. Amit Sharma - Sadhaka. The Yoga Institute for me is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. It is that small ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards my beloved gurus Dr.

Hansaji for introducing me to the beautiful world of Yoga. I was clueless about the strength of the Yoga till I met Smt. I have gone through many professional and personal challenges in the last couple of years. I came to The Yoga Institute without any idea about where I am going to go next.

Today I not only have an idea about myself but I also know where I'm going. We will certainly each in our own way keep "spreading the light of Yoga" just the way you have taught us. I joined The Yoga Institute in May, for the 7 day health camp. The nurturing environment at The Yoga Institute where work is germinated to provide opportunity for self-growth has smoothen many rough edges in my personality and provided a larger view of life.

In all I was greatly helped to reduce irritability. Also the caring project started by Dr. Saab helped the Sadhaks to practice Ahimsa. The Yoga institute is my second home. It lifted our lives from the mundane to the purposeful. In the true sense we were able to understand the true meaning and purpose of our lives and existence on earth!! We remain indebted to them for making us what we are today.

Priyam Waghmare - Yoga Teacher. My journey at The Yoga Institute has been very special. It started while I was accompanying my friend only because she found Yoga boring at the same time I had no idea what Yoga had in store for me. From pursuing Business studies from London to dedicating myself to Yoga, it has been a transformational journey for me.

I feel beyond special to have Hansaji for always guiding me. Desai for playing such an important role in my life. Bhakti Rawal - Teacher. I now find myself in the last week of the TTC, almost lost words with the depth I have discovered not only within myself but with the knowledge given to me from the wonderfully devoted teachers here.

The Yoga Institute has been providing gifts to many many people who pass through the gates. It gives invaluable, beautiful tools and practices for all those in search of growth.

It is almost time for us to leave but the show must go on and we shall share what we have gained. Kelly Mason - Student from London. A place where one can transform oneself into a genuine human being if one chooses to be. I don't say there is no negativity here after all its part of real world, people from all walks of life and nature come here, but beauty is that we are taught how to accept them and remain positive.

So we learn by actual experiences. Strengthening the positivity is the core in teaching. My journey in the Institute has been a positively transforming one. Thanks to the Founder, Mother Sitadevi, Dr. Nishi Tatariya - Yoga Teacher.

After which, in I took up the job of librarian, hence stayed connected with the Institute. I feel eternally blessed by God to be here. Words fall short to express my gratitude for this place. Special thanks to Mrs. Falguni Barodia - Sadhaka. The Yoga Institute is like to meet your parents for the first time of your life unknowingly. I was a 3 Months TTC student and it was a great experience. TYI is like an oxygen bubble where you live for 3 months and mould yourself to become a better human.

I will always remember Hansaji telling us to remove our black glasses and start seeing with a positive approach. Marion Dutiler - Switzerland. I was interested in Yoga since a long time. I started coming just for some weekend classes, then gave a try to 21 Days Better Living Course, which I loved and I really recommend it.

Also the Institute is QCI certified. The Sattvic food offered at The Yoga Institute is delicious. I think Yoga can have impact on our lives and The Yoga Institute is one of the best places in the world to discover it. They say when the student is ready the Guru appears. I came across The Yoga Institute when I was questioning the purpose of my life. Life experiences had battered my ego enough to receive the wisdom of Yoga in a spirit of humility and surrender.

Whatever work I was assigned at the Institute I did it with dedication, realizing the value of being committed to whatever I did. I have experienced exponential personal growth in a short period of time. I actualized my creative gifts as a leader, teacher, counsellor and writer. Every day of my life I express gratitude to the almighty for bestowing me with the gift of The Yoga Institute.

For me it is not just an institute, it is a sanctuary for my soul. Ajay Kalra - Counsellor. I always desired to do some kind of formal training in Yoga and got this wonderful opportunity at The Yoga Institute. I had joined to become a teacher but as the course progressed, I realised, I needed to be a student first as there was so much to explore and study about oneself. So I started working towards self development. Connecting asanas with attitude Dharma, Jnana, Vairagya and Aishwarya is the most important and beautiful part of learning at The Yoga Institute.

Chanting yoga sutras along with the Gurus has been a relaxing and soothing experience in my 7 months TTC. Hansaji's talks, divine energy of Dr. Jayadeva, lessons by amazing teachers, dedication of the staff members, peaceful and clean environment of the institute helps me to become a better person each day.

I am extremely grateful to God for being associated with The Yoga Institute in this lifetime. Puja Heliwal - Householder. Only after coming to The Yoga Institute, I became aware of the real meaning of Yoga, that it is a way of life and not just asanas. I am so glad to undertake the 7 month teachers training course.

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