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The Top 100 Old Country Songs

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You can hear a song and instantly go back to that moment in time where you were alone with your girl or sipping coffee with your grandfather or perhaps hanging out with your friends. It takes you back to the good times. A good, old country song has the power to make you feel the way you felt so many years ago. And old country songs have really defined the genre. When people think about old country music — the original country songs — they think about these Top Old Country Songs ….

This list was compiled giving thought to songs that are at least 25 years old. These are the songs that go way back and songs that have had some impact on country music and its fans. He was the original modern day country artist. When people think of country music they often thing of Hank Williams. The track had gospel influence as country often does. When most think of country music they think of songs like this. What a great way to kick off the countdown.

Boxcar Willie carved his niche in country with the unique sound and take on classic train songs. He also had new hit songs and sold millions of records worldwide. A great country song. I love how the guy is trying to explain to his woman that he was never the man she thought he used to be. He is a legend and one of his biggest hits was Rose Marie. Slim was known for his trademark ability to single way up high to the heavens all while even including some yodeling.

He had a style all his own and his love song for Rose Marie is truly one of the best of all time in country music. The song is upbeat and was a huge hit for Lynn. She has a great voice and her biggest hit has to be included on this countdown of old country songs. One of his first hits was also one of his biggest. It had the hispanic sound mixed with classic southeast country. Above anything else it was a great country song about trying to figure out life. I realized the impact David Allan Coe had on the country music scene when I was hanging out with some folks one night a few years back.

We were just sitting around watching a football game or something and having a few beers. When the game ended we started playing cards to pass the time. The music was turned on and when the playlist came to this track everybody started singing along.

Blame it on the beers or blame it on a great country song. Either way it was a great moment and proved to me just how important this song is in country history. I cheated the 25 year rule to get this one on the list. Johnny Paycheck is a country legend. This is one of my favorites. Just like his dad, Hank Williams Jr.

It could almost be argued that Jr. The song remains iconic today and still has themes people can relate to. In , Kitty Wells came out with one of her biggest hits. The song shot to 1 on the charts and even entered the top 30 on the pop charts. This is what made country music what it is today. Kitty Wells had hit songs on the charts for more than three decades. John Denver was loved by many, but disliked by a few.

The song comes up now and again in movies and on TV and really represents a great era in country. Throughout history there have been just a few songs that have really become hits above all other hits. The track has all the unique factors that really make it special. The melody is memorable. The lyrics are unique. It sold millions and people still love it today. For me, The Statler Brothers will always stand out for a specific memory.

We always looked forward to it. Something I remember is that every night or it seemed like every night my Grandpa would turn on PBS and The Statler Brothers would be singing their classic hits.

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