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The album will be followed up by a massive world tour this fall starting in North America and travelling to Australia and Europe over the winter months.

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In my mind it was perfect! I knew I needed a BB-8 patch the larger the better! I also wanted to make sure it was a full circle skirt with pockets and a matching petticoat. I did start gathering supplies so when I wanted to start the skirt everything would be ready. BTW I used ebates to save a few pennies on this purchase as well as when I order supplies on Amazon, travel, etc.

If you are interested in saving money AND helping support Whitney Sews please consider using my ebates referral link to sign up and shop. Then I remembered some grey curtains I had been given that would be perfect for the skirt! So I started in making my skirt one Friday night.

The plan was to vlog the process and complete the skirt in time to wear to a convention the next day…that did NOT happen! The skirt was a disaster and I gave up on it at 2 a. You can see more pics and hear all about the mockup mishap and everything else HERE!

Once the skirt was complete I set to work making a matching petticoat. I picked up the tulle at a local store closing check out the haul HERE. I had never made a petticoat before, but found a tutorial online that was really helpful! Using her video I came up with the numbers to use for my petticoat. It has two separate layers that are each made of three tiers of tulle. The two layers are sewn together to a cotton tier.

A slip was added in for the lining and the top edge bound in bias tape with a snap closure. The cotton tier of the petticoat measures 5. I bound the two short sides with bias tape and only tacked together at the bottom so I can pull the petticoat on and off. All the rest of the tiers were sewn into loops. The second tier is 8 inches x 4 yards, the third is 8 inches x 12 yards, and the final tier is 7. So what do you think of my BB-8 skirt? Did I do the original design justice?

Want to know more about my switch to vintage inspired fashions?? Read all about it HERE! Back in I took a costuming class for my speech theatre minor. Our big sewing project was to use a sewing pattern to create a wearable garment. We had to make at least one alteration to the pattern then wear the finished garment in class to get our grade. I was going to be lazy and make a simple skirt pattern, but my professor encouraged me to try a more complicated pattern.

I was the hardest thing I had ever made, but it turned out amazing! So why the 9 year old story?!? Because that dress is what started my love and appreciation for vintage styles and vintage sewing patterns. Then we started getting connected with the Oklahoma Patriotic Pin Up Girls and attended a few themed events. And yes, that is Peyton when she was about 7 months old! It was so fun and I loved having an excuse to wear my dress. Then I started thinking, why should I have to have an excuse or a reason to wear something that makes me feel pretty and happy?!?

I love my teal dress, but I wanted to have more than one vintage item to wear. But that need not be the case for covenants written in future. And in any event, many businesses could easily take reclassification in their stride today without encroaching on their covenant limits.

So they can afford to be more agnostic about the accounting treatment of debtors. It will ultimately be rendered pointless as supply chain finance grows, innovates and matures. He is also the founder and chairman of the Supply Chain Finance Community which brings together over 30 leading business schools from more than 20 countries around the world who actively collaborate with companies, banks and governments in the developing field of supply chain finance.

September 3rd, Comments Off on Viewpoint: Serious business in a new circular economy game. August 7th, Comments Off on Viewpoint: I have to calucate time to perform this action. I have recorder and its giving problem at the time of replay. Hi, I am new to loadrunner. But I am facing a wierd problem while recording.

So I would appreciate any help regarding this. I have downloaded the LoadRunner 9. I am trying to record opening a report in a new window in a Reporting platform. But looks like only the frame of the report is getting recorded but not the tabular content in the report.

These are the step I followed: I stopped recording when the report came up with all the data, in the new window 4. When I replay it on the report frame come up but not the data. Is there any initialization or any extra setup I can do to solve this. How to calculate the think time for user and 1 hr testing wid ramp up of 5 users for every every minute.

Run the scirpt in standalone mode and calculate the total time taken for 1 user and according to that calculate for users that depend on total number of vusers assigned to that particular script. I may have missed to read this part.

But regarding the Content Check. Once I have it enabled, then how can I control the script or to put a trap when an error occured and have the script to go to the next iteration? Hi , Very nice article!!!! Thanks For sharing it!!! Sometime it happens that error comes when load is there on application. But when you check manually then application works properly. Hi, I am beginner and found this pot very useful which really inspires me to learn and explore more. I have a question for you at this moment.

I have a script, login action, iteration part Action, and logoff…means I need login then iterate the main part of the script and then logout. When I try to iterate the part of the action, it does not take a different value, but is taking the same value each time. Please help me with a solution. Every person who asks a stupid question completely unconnected to the subject of the original post on a six year old! I am seeing the following error when running a webservice script from the controller i.

Can somebody help me on this. I mean if i provide runtime settings in LR script then do i nedd to provide runtimesettings in controller also? Please tell me, how to give this percentage to actions. I tried to give percentage in proties of block but I am not able to give percent. I have a doubt, about is possible in CITRIX Protocol evaluate the response from emergent screen and continue with other actions and return to the original script code, I tryed this based on if is succesful the transaction and write in a file errors, but the request is.

If error take actions and restart with the next iteration and test record. If i parameterise the places and dates the values will differ. Yes it is possible..

While running the load test, select the number of vusers in running state. Click on the Vusers button. Now right click the specific Vuser which you wanted to view. Hi All, Am getting internal server warning message is coming when application launch. Do u hve any solution? If you are getting the HTTP error when you run the script with a single user, then there is something wrong with your script missed a value that needs to be correlated, bad data, etc.

If the HTTP error only occurs under load, then ask yourself if the load you are running is realistic hopefully you did a Workload Modelling exercise. If it is realistic, then there is a load-related problem with your system under test. If your Peak Load workload model is not realistic e. Stuart Moncrieff is a performance testing consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

Read on… Whenever I am using a vuser type that allows multiple actions in a single script, I will create a separate action for each business process and put appropriate percentage weightings on each action. Why would you want to run an unknown number of transactions per hour against the system? Do not make the lower boundary value any bigger than the maximum time it takes to complete the business process, or you will end up creating less transactions per hour than you intend to.

Logging creates additional overhead on your load generators, and can create huge log files. I log absolutely everything when debugging in VuGen.

Just like the pacing setting, I think that it is a good idea to put some randomness in your think times. This option is ignored by most people. It is used to create a parameter with a given value without having to edit the script as runtime settings can be overridden in the Controller.

In the screenshot I have created a parameter of ServerName with the address of the test envioronment. If you were testing in more than one test environment at a time, this would make save some time.

Continue on error is generally only going to be used if you have written code to do something when you encounter an error. Usually the default behaviour of ending the current iteration and then starting the next one is sufficient.

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