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Buford, USA

Serov, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Talarposhti Kateryna Artyushkova, and Alexey Serov. Initial effort was directed towards catalysts for selective hydrazine oxidation. These Ni-based electrocatalysts were further designed to include Ni alloys with refractive metals 7 Mo, W, Cr and demonstrated exceptional dehydro-genation selectivity, thus creating the base for the development hydrogen oxidation catalysts in alkaline media.

Synthesized martials were comprehensively characterized by physical-chemical methods: MEA design was optimized with respect to critical fabrication parameters such as: In recent years, advances in alkaline exchange membrane fuel cells AEMFCs with anion exchange membrane AEM solid polymer electrolytes have gained traction due to their distinct — and potentially game-changing — advantages over proton exchange membrane fuel cells.

This talk will focus on several fundamental and engineering advances that have enabled the creation of AEMFCs that are able to achieve ca. Water dynamics in these cells will be a primary theme of this presentation; 2 mitigating the negative influence of carbonation from atmospheric CO 2 when using air as the oxidant.

The overarching goal of this talk is not only to show the audience the state-of-the-art is in the field, but to also talk them through the mentality of our group in solving these problems and to provide some guidance regarding the approaches that have shown the most promise to date. For more information about this project and the rest of our group, please visit https: Anion exchange membrane fuel cells AEMFCs provide advantages over proton exchange membrane fuel cells PEMFCs including possible use of nonprecious metals as electrocatalysts and faster kinetics of the oxygen reduction reaction under alkaline conditions than acidic conditions.

While a large number of technical efforts have been made to develop better functioning AEMs, the existing AEMs are still not as conductive and stable as state-of-the-art PEMs. The critical issues for AEMs are mainly related with the instability of the quaternary ammonium groups as well as the polymer main chain in strongly alkaline conditions.

Recently, we found that the absence of heteroatom linkages e. In addition, we confirmed that pendant ammonium groups separated from the polymer main chains with interstitial hexylene groups improved alkaline stability of the membranes. Anion exchange ionomers play a significant role in alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells AEMFCs.

Quaternized polyaromatic ionomers are another promising candidates as these materials possess not only good hydroxide conductivity and mechanical properties but also excellent alkaline stability and processability.

However, reported AMFC performance employing polyaromatic ionomers is relatively poor. Last year, we presented the possible causes for the poor AMFC performance including the undesirable phenyl group adsorption [2] and cation-hydroxide-water co-adsorption [3] on hydrogen oxidation reaction catalysts.

A variety of energy storage and conversion electrochemical devices, such as polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, redox flow batteries, and water electrolysis, rely on ion-conducting polymer electrolyte membranes to separate and transport ions between the anode and cathode.

It is generally recognized that the stability of both polymer backbone and cation functional group play a crucial role in device durability. In first part of the presentation, a chemically stable and elastomeric triblock copolymer, polystyrene- b -poly ethylene- co -butylene - b -polystyrene SEBS , was functionalized with various benzyl- and alkyl-substituted quaternary ammonium QA groups for anion exchange membrane AEM fuel cell applications.

Synthetic methods involving transition metal-catalyzed C—H borylation and Suzuki coupling were utilized to incorporate six different QA structures to the polystyrene units of SEBS.

Changes in AEM properties as a result of different QA moieties and chemical stability under alkaline conditions were investigated. Anion exchange polymers bearing the trimethyl ammonium pendants, the smallest QA cation moiety, exhibited the most significant changes in water uptake and block copolymer domain spacing to offer best ion transport properties. It was demonstrated that incorporating stable cation structures to a polymer backbone comprising solely of C—H and C—C bonds resulted in AEM materials with improved long-term alkaline stability.

In second part of the presentation, high molecular weight, quaternary ammonium-tethered poly biphenyl alkylene s without alkaline labile C—O bonds were synthesized via acid-catalyzed polycondensation reactions for the first time.

Ion-exchange capacity was conveniently controlled by adjusting the feed ratio of two ketone monomers in the polymerization. This study provides a new synthetic strategy for the preparation of anion exchange membranes with robust fuel cell performance and excellent stability.

Alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cell AEMFC is a promising technology to replace precious metals used today as fuel cell catalysts. The resulting carbonation reaction reduces membrane conductivity. This contribution analyses and quantifies the effect of CO 2 from ambient air on the concentration profiles in the membrane and the anode and, thus, assesses the CO 2 impact on fuel cell performance. The physico-chemical model contains chemical and electrochemical reactions, liquid-gas phase equilibria as well as the transport processes in the cell.

Results imply that a significant part of fed CO 2 is absorbed in the cathode and is transported as carbonate ions to the anode. Concentration profiles in the membrane reveal an enrichment zone of CO 2 in the membrane close to the anode, negligible HCO 3 — and a wide distribution of CO 3 2- across the membrane. The carbonate distribution affects overall anion exchange membrane conductivity. We show that while increasing cell temperature has an ambiguous effect on the carbonation process and on the total effect of CO 2 on the cell, current density has a significant effect.

Distribution of ions in the AEM during operation with air: Dekel, Electrochimica Acta e The spa town Bad Zwischenahn is located in the north-west of Germany and is a famous recreational area because of its colorful flowering rhododendron shrubs and park-like landscape.

The city can be reached conveniently by train or by car. Bremen Airport is located nearby. Bad Zwischenahn has a range of hotels in a variety of price categories. If you are interested in booking a room in the conference hotel for your overnight stay in Bad Zwischenahn, you can do so by writing an email directly to the hotel rezeption hausammeer.

Please refer to the workshop when booking. The nearest international airport is Bremen, which is 60 km from Bad Zwischenahn. Coming from Bremen A Leave the autobahn at the exit ramp No. Cancellations received after this date will be charged the full fee. The program is subject to amendment. In the unlikely event of it being cancelled for reasons beyond the control of DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems, registration fees already paid will be refunded.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Focusing on the main challenges of the anion exchange membrane fuel cell technology Dario R. Power Sources , , Technical Targets for Membranes in Alkaline Electrolysis: Translating ex-situ Properties into in-situ Performance Dr. Polarisation curve of MnO2 in 0. Power Sources Power Sources , , , Das Hotel sagte uns zu, die Verpflegung war gut, den Wellness-Bereich haben wir genutzt und die Massagen sind entspannend gewesen.

Mit dem Hotel Lafonte sind wir rundum zufrieden gewesen, den schönen Wellness-Bereich haben wir genutzt und letztendlich noch einen Tagesausflug ins Jan-Becher-Museum gemacht. Wir waren mit unserem Zimmer im Lafonte zufrieden. Die Mitarbeiter waren freundlich und die Verpflegung ist vorzüglich gewesen. Den schönen, gepflegten Wellness-Bereich haben wir genutzt und die herrliche Aromaöl-Teilmassage genossen. Die Reise nach Karlsbad habe ich verschenkt und die Beschenkten waren rundum zufrieden mit dem gebuchten Hotel Lafonte.

Unser Zimmer im Lafonte war picobello und die Mitarbeiter waren freundlich. Morgens gab es ein reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet und abends wurden wir mit einem vorzüglichen 3-Gänge-Menü verwöhnt.

Den Wellness-Bereich haben wir genutzt und die Aromaöl-Teilmassage ist fantastisch gewesen. Unser Kurzurlaub in Karlsbad war sehr schön und mit dem Hotel Lafonte waren wir mehr als zufrieden. Das gebuchte Zimmer war sauber und es waren auch Bademäntel und ausreichend Handtücher vorhanden. Die Verpflegung war vorzüglich und das Personal war freundlich. Allerdings war es im Speiseraum recht beengt, da viele Gäste anwesend waren. Im hoteleigenen Schwimmbad waren wir jeden Tag und die inkludierte Massage haben wir erhalten.

Unsere Kurzreise nach Karlsbad war schön und das gebuchte Hotel Lafonte gefiel uns gut. Das Zimmer war gepflegt, das Personal war freundlich und das Frühstückbuffet war reichhaltig. Wir waren sehr zufrieden und haben nichts zu beanstanden. Das Zimmer war gut und sauber, Frühstück und Abendessen waren schmackhaft. Der Wellness-Bereich hat ein gutes Ambiente und die Massagen waren qualitativ gut. Mit dem Hotel Lafonte in Karlsbad waren wir zufrieden.

Unser Zimmer war gepflegt und das Personal war freundlich. Das Frühstückbuffet war reichhaltig und das regional-saisonale 3-Gänge-Menü war gut. Die Eintrittskarte für das Jan-Becher-Museum haben wir gerne genutzt und erhielten dort auch eine Becherovka-Verkostung. Den Wellness-Bereich haben wir genutzt und die Aromaöl-Teilmassage gefiel uns gut. Es war ein total schöner Kurzurlaub. Das Hotel und der Wellness Bereich und das leckere gut angerichtete Essen, waren für uns sehr erfreulich und trugen zur Erholung bei.

Das Zimmer war sauber und das Personal war freundlich. Das Frühstückbuffet war reichhaltig und die zugesagten Inklusiv Leistungen haben wir alle genutzt. Karlsbad ist wirklich sehr schön, aber das Hotel werde ich nicht mehr buchen. Die Massagen waren oberflächlich. The seat of a person can be replaced by an animal dog , and during peak hours Monday to Friday from This ticket allows changing of lines, or transportation, or break the journey at one point and then continue it as long as you follow in the same direction.

The ticket can be used for two hours from your purchase at vending machines or on the bus. The 3 days ticket is an offer intended for tourists and visitors participating in congresses and conferences within the territory of the VVF, who stay in hotels, hostels or guest houses. It lasts for 3 consecutive days from the time it is used for the first time and allows unlimited travel within the area purchased.

It is valid for one adult, or one adult and two children Validation of 3 days ticket. Tickets for 3 days must be signed with full name, and validated with a stamp at sales office before the first trip. They can be purchased in numerous hotels and guesthouses or submitting a written declaration that the user is housed in a hotel or participating in a conference or lecture at the Tourist Office Königstrasse 1, across the main railway station or in Welcome Information Centre, in arrivals Terminal 3 at the airport.

The KombiTickets are offered by VVS in collaboration with event management companies along with the event tickets, airline tickets, etc. Usually all KombiTickets are valid for the entire network and can be used for three hours before the start of the event and are valid until the end of the night service of the network buses included.

The Kombitickets carry a VVS stamp identifier. Information on the availability of these tickets will be available through the event organizer or VVS. If you consider that the information we provide is wrong, not accurated, outdated, translation contains errors, and you would like to help us to improve the file Feel free to contact us if you dont find the system you're looking for and we'll add it as soon as we can!

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