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En, er zijn hier bijna ergens echte heuvels. Hydraulic coupling comprising a pressure bleed device.

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The press officer for another team sees me struggling with the caked on mud and applesauce on my shoes. He points to a perfectly clean white towel by the door of he RV, and tells me to take my shoes off before I go in, rather than worry about cleaning them.

He does this in a gentle tone that he most likely reserves for stubborn farm animals or humans who sustained severe brain injuries. I step into the team's RV and am amazed by how clean and tidy it is. The smell of embrocation and cologne in the vehicle is beyond anything I could have anticipated. My nose hairs are promptly scorched.

We sit down and begin to talk about these criteriums, a subject that until recently, few fans outside of Europe knew much about. Continental pros rub elbows with Tour de France jersey and stage winners, as they all pretend to race one another.

It's hardly racing, it's a spectacle, and one that can be profitable. You could make a quarter of a million euros in a month. You own a cyclocross team, you've owned and operated criteriums and cyclocross races. Did you grow up in the world of cycling? I grew up as a football [soccer] player. I played until I was I played in the third division, always as captain. But I had problems with my knee, and then I would sometimes go out and drink with my friends too Were you interested in cycling when you played football?

The first race I ever saw was in It was a cyclocross race, the world championships. I was injured, so I could only stay home and watch TV. I ended up watching a lot of cycling, and I saw how many people were at these cyclocross races. This was early in the year, the end of the cyclocross season. By that November, I started my own cyclocross race. That was Bolleke Cross. But eventually I had to make a choice: I chose to run a team.

You also owned and ran the post-Tour criterium in St Niklaas. I've always been curious about those races. It's not a race. There's no prize money or anything. Right, but those events are still interesting to me for that very reason. That they look like races, but aren't. How did you go about running them and getting the riders? Did you speak and deal directly with teams? Or do you contact riders and their agents? No, it all goes through a single person in Holland who oversees the whole thing.

He contacts the riders, and he has them at his disposal. So I would call him and say: I want the green jersey Heworks with the riders and their agents. Sometimes you can make a deal, sometimes you can't with some riders. But it all goes through him, the name of the company is Cycling Service, and he makes all of those criteriums posible. Did you pay the riders directly? No, payments go through that company as well. How much did it cost you to have the yellow jersey at your event?

I don't want to say the exact amount How is the outcome decided? Does this person who secures all the riders for all the races weigh in? Do the riders ever voice an opinion? I always picked, based on what would be best for the event. But of course, you don't just pick the yellow jersey to have him come in tenth.

No, you have him in the top three in a sprint or something. Because it's a festival, and you want to make people happy.

You have to put on a good show for them. What does the day consist of for the riders? The stars are in a parade, they ride through town in a convertible to wave at fans, and then there's the event itself. They ride for maybe 60 kilometers.

It's not really fast, at least not for them. There are some breaks, and the last five laps are close to real cycling. But yes, before the race I was the one that decided who was going to be one through five in the end. These events are very popular, more like town festivals. But the audience doesn't pay to get in, right? They don't, it's free for them. So how did you make money? The city where you have the event pays you, and you have sponsors as well, which can pay a lot of money for a good event.

And mine was the best in Belgium. We had the yellow jerseys, we had Cancellara, Vino, Froome But I sold the race to focus on my team, and the new owner is doing a great job And the fans still get a great show, which is what it's all about.

A group of six riders wanted to bridge the gap to the lead group, but ended up in a chasse patate and were brought back by the peloton at kilometer Thalita de Jong Rabo-Liv 2. Riejanne Markus Liv-Plantur 3. Maria Giulia Confalonieri Lensworld-Zannata 4. Ingrid Drexel Astana 5. Check out the full results later on the CyclingTips results page. Guarnier and Stevens both have had lots of opportunities this Giro Rosa to perfect their champagne showers!

Megan Guarnier Boels-Dolmans 2. Evelyn Stevens Boels-Dolmans 3. Anna van der Breggen Rabo-Liv 4. Mara Abbott Wiggle-High5 5. Claudia Lichtenberg Lotto-Soudal 6. Tatiana Guderzo Team Hitec. Young rider classification 1. Kasia Niewiadoma Rabo-Liv 2. Floortje Mackaij Liv-Plantur 3. Jip van den Bos Parkhotel Valkenburg. Couple interesting things in here, but 1 is that Bobby Lea - despite getting popped for oxycodone last year and then getting his ban reduced to 6 months from 16 - made the list.

Three-time Olympian Taylor Phinney, two-time Olympic gold medalist in the individual time trial, Kristin Armstrong, and bronze medalist at the road world championships in Richmond, Megan Guarnier Boels-Dolmans headline a team that includes 10 Olympic veterans.

We think we have a coaching staff that can lead, but also put us into position maybe do something unprecedented. The selection for the team was a hotly discussed topic heading into the season with a multitude of riders vying for one of three available spots. Guarnier had already secured her ticket to Rio by automatic selection, courtesy of her result at the world championships. Stevens and Armstrong will also ride the individual time trial.

Armstrong, competing in her fourth consecutive Olympics is the two-time defending gold medalist in the event. Being coached by Miller created a glaring conflict of interest for the vice president. We have a selection criteria for an athlete to make an automatic selection and we have a discretionary selection criteria for how the selection committee has to objectively make subjective decisions.

Phinney captured fourth in both the road race and individual time trial at the Olympics in London and Bookwalter will be making his Olympic debut. The mountain bike selection comes a week prior to the world championships being held in the Czech Republic possibly giving these athletes a boost of confidence. The Olympic track team, which was announced in March, goes to Rio with expectations abound.

Sarah Hammer, Kelly Catlin, Chloe Dygert, and Jennifer Valente look to further their success from the world championships with a solid performance in Rio. Connor Fields, seventh at the Olympics, will also travel to Rio having earned a discretionary selection. The road races and individual time trials open cycling competition at the Olympic games Aug.

All nominations to the U. Reducing intensity can be habit forming. Please consult your CrossFit trainer immediately. Stop reading, close your eyes and really think about that for a moment. Note the freefall feeling in your chest, the sweaty palms and the subtle changes in your breathing. You might even view the reps as a warm-up for another workout.

It tastes like a mouthful of old pennies soaked in battery acid. It makes you dizzy. It causes you to writhe around on the ground trying to work the misery out of your muscles. It usually requires a period spent on your back or butt, and sometimes it sends your lunch back the way it came in. Intensity gets caught in your throat and keeps you hacking hours after the workout ends. Intensity also brings results. Push someone out of the comfort zone and physiology adapts.

Do that regularly and fitness improves dramatically. After more than 15 years of workouts on CrossFit. Discomfort creates adaptation, but it can be very tempting to avoid the continuous discomfort needed to keep driving adaptation—even as a CrossFit athlete who knows its rewards.

Repetition creates habit, and you can adjust to almost anything—even fairly unpleasant stuff like Fran. Same deal with fitness. Not all the way back—just enough to take the edge off. Satisfaction with current output can reduce discomfort significantly—and limit results—while the quest for further improvements would bring great reward but also renewed acquaintance with that deep burning sensation.

I realized I was cutting with the wrong side of a very sharp knife a few weeks back in a workout that forced me to push myself:. In that workout, my utter hatred of burpees forced me to complete my final set of 45 by pushing into the neighborhood of my physical limit.

But my mental limit had come 30 reps into that last set, when I normally would have quit had the burpees not been present. So I kept going, and while the 45th rep burned deeply, it was achievable. In fact, I had a few more in me. I had no idea—but my coach did. Air Force, with 4 burpees preceding the work every minute, is a good example of a nowhere-to-hide workout.

Or try meter rowing or meter running repeats with a thruster penalty for every second under a certain challenging but achievable time. Create a workout with a scheme about 2 reps out of your comfort zone and vow to do all sets unbroken. Fran at might present an excellent challenge even if it lacks the mathematical grace of the original prescription.

Or you can create workouts in which a certain number of reps must be completed every 60 seconds. To reap the greatest benefits from CrossFit, you have to be willing to push yourself, to be uncomfortable, to suffer for reward. And most of us are most of the time. The whiteboard and the rivalries thereon are powerful motivational tools.

Still, a 5-minute Fran can become a habit if you let your mind trick you into dropping the barbell well before you need to.

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, while objects at rest tend to head to the chalk bucket. Jeff Koontz is a Pittsburgh-based Masters racer, who has been competing for 20 years. This post initially appeared on Medium; he gave us permission to publish it here, as well.

Jeff can be found on Twitter, here. Beyond having better physiology for the speed and tactics of a criterium, rather than a hilly road course, I love the mental engagement of criteriums. I love being constantly aware of the next corner, who is moving up, who is falling back, how many laps to the sprint — a sensory overload that is truly thrilling.

I love that at critical times in a crit, I can also slow things down mentally and make tactical decisions to set up a good finish, or just avoid trouble. I love watching Rahsaan Bahati do clinical video analysis on his races. I wish we would embrace it more as our own. I also know crit racing is dangerous. Risks are ever present when you are doing laps of a couple of small downtown blocks and taking degree corners with other racers. I can live with the risk.

I raced nationals a few years ago in Bend, Oregon. On May 7, I registered for the criterium, and saw a lot of other people had as well, with only a few spots left in the field that would approach riders registered. I checked out the course online. It looked okay, a flat three-corner course, but even the sharpest corner had ample room when I checked it out on Google Street View. On May 20, less than a week before nationals, I received an email with the usual pre-race information, however, a few paragraphs down was this: Due to changes to the original course imposed by local affected businesses in the last week, USA Cycling determined the original course was no longer suitable for racing for our riders.

To remedy the situation, we have moved the criterium. The new course is less than half a mile from the original. The new criterium map can be found here. The course was relocated to the Dixie Fairgrounds. Ultimately, the final day was pushed from Sunday to Monday in order to accommodate a course rerouting.

The new course, especially with the carnival tops on satellite view, looked interesting to say the least. The only real question I had in looking at it was how it would flow, coming through the start finish and making a quick right-left onto a much narrower access road. Arriving early on race day, I noted the course fencing. From the exit of the degree turn to the right turn on Deacon Blvd, the course was fenced off, limiting the use of the full width of the roadways, and funneling the race through the turns with little margin for error.

In fact, racers would be asked to leave the course before completing a full cool-down lap. Riders sat in the chute for anywhere from 15—30 minutes prior to their starts. I had some friends in the 35—39 race earlier in the day to watch, and gain intel from. My friend Jason Mount got caught in the first major crash and took his free lap, along with many others.

Jason just avoided a second crash in front of him, before finally being crashed out for good with about four laps to go. I definitely wanted to get a good start in the front, to avoid any carnage. After a warm up on the trainer, I went over to the course where there was room to do some efforts on the outside of the degree turn.

People began lining up in the staging chute even earlier than I expected, so I went over and lined up in the corral, about 25 minutes before the race. USA Cycling, and the announcers, thought we had in the field, but as roll call went on in staging, it seemed there were a lot of no-shows.

As we watched the conclusion of the 40—44 race, another unfortunate accident happened. When they came off the , and before they approached the S-turn onto the final straight for the win , one of the riders, Phillip Tintsman, saw his front wheel go out from under him.

Another racer, John Murazak, also crashed into unsecured steel fencing that was held together with zip ties in other areas, but not in this corner. His chest was sliced open and was bleeding a lot.

This caused our race to be delayed for an additional 15 minutes. I was in good position in the second row, ready to go and stay out of trouble. The officials then told us that we were going to ride a neutral lap which had not happened for any previous race that day , and the race would be live when we crossed the start finish. The neutral lap was only neutral in that the moto controlled the speed, although on the back stretch riders were on either side of the moto and actually passing the moto while getting yelled at.

Upon re-entry to the fairgrounds, the pack was dangerously wide going into the tight barriers of the Midway complex. We again waited in the degree heat for another 15 minutes, with the officials promising us 30 minutes of racing when we restarted. Bottles again were passed around to help cool people off, and after that 15 minutes or so, we restarted, with no neutral lap this time.

The race was predictably fast, and I felt good. In places, the course seemed to have good flow, but going from the start finish through the right turn onto Deacon Avenue was always a little sketchy, and there was a significant pavement transition between the fairgrounds and the road there.

I found a lot of momentum as the course swept right in through the fairground gates and then after the left, there was a lot of jostling for positioning into the and beyond. The bunch was wide again on Shorefair going downhill, and then there was carnage in front of me.

No where to go, instincts did what they did, and I ended up over the handlebar. Initially, I thought I came out of it pretty well.

The bike looked fine, but I realized something was gravely wrong with my left hand. I knew pretty much right away that my wrist was broken, and I got up on my bike and tried to get back to the medical tent with one hand. Course marshals sent us the wrong way, and the course was barriered off in a way that you could not get into the fairgrounds unless you were on the course, or at an entrance for parking.

I looked for my wife and eventually made it to the medical tent where I had a wait, as other riders in the pile-up were being treated. One guy had really bad road rash, notably bad. They did a quick assessment of my wrist and applied some ice. I was alert enough to inform the medical staff I was close to blacking out, and they got me down on the ground with some ice packs. I was not the first or last cyclist they were to see that day. The wait to be seen in the ER was pretty long, measured in hours, not minutes.

During my treatment there, which saw me initially in the Fast Track area, and then moved to a room for further treatment, I overheard medical staff lamenting the bike race, asking why nobody put them on alert, and how it had taken a normal Thursday for them and turned it into a medical triage situation.

The medical staff was not happy. The stories went on. I am pretty certain that no one from USA Cycling knew the extent of medical issues at the hospital, as their duties seem to end when they record your race number at the medical tent.

I signed a waiver understanding the risks of bike racing. But I also thought this story should be told. The masters national criterium championship was a miserable day, for many.

There are many great criteriums in the United States, with courses that are well regarded for their designs, including those at Somerville, in New Jersey, and the old Chris Thater course, in New York, to name a few.

These are events that are sanctioned by USA Cycling — officials at these events also work at national championship events. Of course, people will react with dismay. But it is time that we had a proper 21st-century debate on the issue, rather than sticking to what was set in stone almost 60 years ago. In the interview, Dimeo suggested that EPO could be used to aid recovery, citing studies which state that low doses of EPO improve cardiac function, and also questioned the banned use of blood transfusions, which boost oxygen-carrying capacity.

Thanks for all the messages. Here is our discussion of anti-doping in US cycling and its challenges https: His views may not be yours, or those of some others on the committee or your sponsors, stakeholders, and engaged public — and that is fine.

This issue of doping in sport is complex and disagreement is healthy. Dimeo is not alone in his views. Substances that occur naturally in the body, such as EPO, would be allowed, Savulescu argued, so long as they are used within healthy limits. The Committee, which was formed earlier this year, has the stated purpose: We fully respect Dr. We in fact knew he often challenged the status quo.

Fashion companies are often accused of inflating their prices — perhaps none moreso than sneaker brands. After all, how much can it possibly cost to slap together some rubber and fabric in Vietnam? Solereview recently took a closer look at what it actually costs to manufacture sneakers. On the Adidas side, margins are even thinner. You can read the full article here. Joining those ranks is the JAM Fund, which has just named its riders for the coming race season.

JAM Fund is excited to name two new riders to its elite cyclocross team. She started racing cross four years ago on a singlespeed steel Univega.

Since then, she started her own small grassroots cycling team got a coach and drove around the country racing cross. Now she returns to her birthplace to race for the JAM Fund elite team.

They asked if I can make the move, and I said, see you soon! Tapias has a unique athletic history as a highly disciplined ballet dancer who made the switch to cycling two years ago.

She fell in love with cross while watching Cross Vegas and raced almost every weekend this past season.

She also races on the road and just competed at Speed Week, a series of pro criteriums in the Southeast, when JAM made her the offer to join the team. This means moving to Easthampton and expressing intentions of making CX their primary focus for the next two years. Photo courtesy JAM Fund.

JAM Fund is also adding two new riders to its development team. In addition to the four new team members, JAM Fund has made a new partnership with Kask helmets for the cross season. Their purpose is to create the next generation of cyclocross pros and good ambassadors of the sport.

Register for the event and ride your bike with the new JAM Fund cyclists, alumni and friends. The Zika outbreak may be worse than doctors initially thought. Does that mean the Olympic Games should be moved from Rio? And after increased participation in footraces for the past two decades, Americans have officially slowed down and are running less.

Are fitness boot camps, yoga classes and CrossFit to blame? Also, with the Rio Olympics on the horizon, concerns over the Zika virus are growing. John Niyo wonders how big of a deal these camps are. I mean these camps do serve a purpose for families searching for college scholarships. So I guess the question for you, Rachel and Bill, is: Or is this just another sort of tax-exempt sitcom? A recent study from the research group Running USA reports that the number of finishers in footraces declined by nine percent in Rachel Bachman explores some of the theories for this decline.

One theory is that there are more and more other things to do to keep yourself in shape — anything from CrossFit to Yoga. So, let the debate ensue. Yet another concern is the Zika virus.

Will the Games in Rio de Janeiro help spread the virus worldwide? The bribery and the doping stories feel, to me, like business as usual. Follows 1 user Followed by 1 user. Bruce looks so psyched. The previous sentence is a major understatement. As the sport of cyclocross really takes hold in the USA and in particular here in New England, the reality of athletes being able to train and focus all year long and still have the little things in life like, say a JOB and a FAMILY is often not possible.

So when Adam came to me and says he just wants to focus on cyclocross in , then some sort of plan needed to be put together to help him be as fit as possible but also be around this cute little piece of heaven:. The good news about Adam is that he is seriously a fantastic bike rider and racer, so all that is missing after a summer of newborns and work is a little bit of fitness.

We can fix that. Adam also lives in upstate Vermont and his favorite road race is the Green Mountain Stage Race, four days of hills and a fantastic criterium over Labor Day weekend.

We have shown in the past with Andre in Arizona and with Stef after her injuries that a sudden boost in training load can have both an increase in fatigue but more importantly a huge power and fitness gain. Although this chart shows how the sharp "rolling ramp rate" increase of Adam's Chronic Training Load CTL , the real priority of cyclocross isn't necessarily the long duration power associated with the Modeled FTP mFTP but with some of the shorter high power efforts.

The chart below shows how Adam's power duration metrics for the same time period. Okay, so what does all of this mean? Well, it shows that when we "shock" an athlete into a hard short block of training, or in this case a solid month-long build capped off with a four day stage race, then we get the big picture boost that the athlete needs to start the season off well. Although it seems like a lot of charts and numbers, the reality is when we are pressed for time, metrics and data feedback are critical to make sure that the athlete is not digging too deep of a hole but still getting all of the benefits.

The race ended pretty well for Adam; he won the final stage criterium in his own town of Burlington. Not to be outdone by this awesome picture, we should show what data comes from such a winning effort.

This chart below shows "Sprint Power Fatigue Resistance" or the amount of power maintained over a short duration from the absolute peak. I think it is pretty cool. We are huge fans of Adam, and all of you should be too. If you want to boost your fitness and power on limited time, then first learn to corner like Adam and then ask Finish Fast Cycling to help out with your planning and training. Thanks for reading, see you next time.

Click here for a map showing the approximate route Wade took through Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. Click through to his website for more photos from this and other trips. Body-weight bench presses Pull-ups No time limit. Count reps for each exercise in all rounds. Linda aka 3 Bars of Death reps for time of: Hero Workout JBo U.

Hero Workout Coffey U. Run meters 1 muscle-up 5. Narrows CrossFit—July 26, In teams of 2, 3 rounds for total reps of: Run meters Max-effort strict pull-ups Run meters Max-effort body-weight bench presses One partner does an entire round while the other spots and counts reps, then they switch. I say what I mean, and mean what I say.

I still try and sometimes fail to adhere to doing and saying things I believe are the "right" things I should say and do. After all, once you say something or do something, it becomes cemented in time. You cannot rewrite history, and your past is indestructible. Living in it can cause a great deal of angst, and anxiety.

Trust me, I've traversed that road and it's not one worth traveling down. I'd like to believe that the people who know me best can attest to the fact that I am transparent, and do my best to try and love and support them to the very best of my ability. That's generally a goal of mine, and one I work towards each and everyday in order to make my own life better. I think it's hard to be terribly unhappy doing your best to love people to the very best of your ability.

Because after all, if you squeeze and orange, what comes out of it? If what you're giving out each day to people closest to you is love, empathy, and kindness, then it kinda means those are the traits dwelling the strongest inside of you. You can't give something to people you aren't in possession of, after all. This doesn't mean there isn't a caveat to all of this. And it's about what and whom you're giving those emotional investments to. From a very pragmatic standpoint, if I have a million dollars, and I keep investing it into stocks that I clearly see are declining in worth, and spend time researching them, KNOWING that the chances of my investments being lost makes me well, kinda stupid.

I like to think of our positive virtues in a similar fashion. We've only got so much love to give. And we have different types of love investments as well. The way I love cinnamon rolls is obviously vastly different than the way I love my kids. I love what it gives back to me in regards to health, how I look and how I feel. So love itself cannot be encompassed into some singular idea because it's dynamic in nature.

There's different kinds of love, and different amounts of investments we have inside of us for the things we choose to give it to. Just because I love cinnamon rolls doesn't mean I'm going to eat them everyday. But I will wake up and choose to love my kids to the best of my ability all the time. If I loved cinnamon rolls the way I love my kids, it would eventually detract from my quality of life.

I'd get fat, feel like shit, look like shit, and my quality of life would decline immensely. Where if I love my kids, there will be times of disappointments and suffering, the return on that investment improves the quality of my life a million fold. This last month of my life has been filled with tremendous adversity.

Possibly more than any other month of my life. I've been open about that because as noted, I try to be transparent, and write about it because well, I'm an average dude. And I think all us "average dudes" probably go through a lot of the same things, and suffer in a lot of the same ways, and search for answers and clues as to what to do with our life while mired in the mess of things.

I've worked exceptionally hard to try and keep a positive mindset despite all of this. Because I've lived long enough to know that no matter how hard the path we're currently walking down is, at some point the road does clear, becomes smooth underneath our feet, and One of the greatest parts about arriving at the "smooth in the road" is our ability to appreciate it.

To really inhale how great it truly feels, and just how glad we are to have arrived there. To turn and look back, and say goodbye to the road behind us. That we survived, and that in doing so, learned something.

Whether that be all the things we know we want in our life, or don't want in our life, it probably served some purpose that, if we let it, can help us immensely. But just like eating or not eating cinnamon rolls everyday, a huge part of actually getting off of the path that shreds the flesh from bone on the soles of our feet We simply decide not to eat cinnamon rolls all day long.

And we simply decide we no longer want to walk down that path. This doesn't mean it immediately happens. But it certainly won't ever happen if don't make a choice to stop walking down it. And because my writing is long and drawn out most of the time, I will do my best to condense some of this and tell you that I actually am going someplace with the orange juice, emotional investments, and "roads we don't want to travel" metaphors here. And that is this - often times, in fact maybe all the time, the reason we begin to fail in our efforts to find ourselves in the place we want to be, is because we refuse to actually remove others from that environment.

And that environment, is toxicity. Have you ever known someone, who used to be something? Länge 60cm Breite 37cm Höhe ca. Abholung Schönes Mädchenfahrrad Puky 18" in top Zustand!

Normale Gebrauchspuren, aber voll funktionsfähig. Rennrad Hercules "Triathlon" mit Gang-Schaltung, inkl. Look-Klick-Pedalen und Schuhe Gr. Gekauft im Jahr und nur wenige Jahre genutzt, insgesamt max. Neuwertig, so gut wie keine 2. Es hat eine 6 - Gang Schaltung. Suche Holland oder Gesundheitslenker. Suche Holland oder Gesundheitslenker Preis: Suche einen sogenannten Hollandlenker, oder auch Gesundheitslenker ohne Schaft, also nur die Lenkstange.

Suche Holland oder Gesundheitslenker: Schickes Herren-Fahrrad mit Rücktrittbremse. Schickes Herren-Fahrrad mit Rücktrittbremse Preis: Hallo, verkaufe hier ein schönes fahrrad mit Rücktrittbremse. Das Fahrrad ist sauberer Zustand, sofort fahrbereit. Bei interesse melden unter: Das Fahrrad befindet sich in einem sehr guten Zustand. Die Kette und der Hinterreifen müssen Vertauscht werden. Wenig genutzt, alles funktioniert. Wurde nur ein Jahr benutzt, mit Matratze noch im Folie.

Bei weiteren Fragen bitte per Mail melden. Kross Raven steppen 26 Zoll in einen sehr guten zustand. Hallo, biete ein gut erhaltenes, wenig gefahrenes Damenrad in 26 Zoll mit 3 Gang Nabenschaltung.

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Es ist noch in ovp. Elektrobike Controller in Grau. Elektrobike Controller in Grau Preis: Elektrobike Controller in Grau: Sie sind nur für Fahrräder mit Scheibenbremse. VB Schwanebeck Mifa fahrrad oldtimer hühnerschreck landser fahrad Verkaufe günstig altes mifa fahrrad scheunenfund. Mit pistolentasche aus leder. Damenrad 26er Nabenschaltung,Rücktritt leicht reperaturbedingt,licht geht noch nicht,kettenschutz fehlt Damenrad 26er: Fahrrad kann heute oder Do abgeholt werden.

Ich verkaufe dieses schöne 28" Cityrad in der Farbe dunkelrot. Es befindet sich in einem sehr guten Zustand und fährt sich wunderbar. Hoher Lenker für gemütliches Fahren. Licht vorne und hinten. Bei Interesse bitte anrufen. Es werden noch mal Neue Reifen aufgezogen. Das Bike ist wie aus demLaden,da nur ca.

Leider ist es EUR Wennigsen. Mountainbike Trek 26" Preis: Tracy Guter Zustand, nur Selbstabholer!!!!! Ist in einem sehr guten Zustand. Trekkingbike Pegasus Rimini 28 er Herrenfahrrad. Trekkingbike Pegasus Rimini 28 er Herrenfahrrad Preis: F Established Suzuki Violin Co. Hallo, wir verkaufen das gepflegte Fahrrad unserer Tochter um die Garage etwas fr Schönes altes Damenfahrrad 26" mit 1 gäng zu verkaufen.

Guter Zustand, " Damen fahrr Gazelle Orange Xtra Kaufbeleg vom April ! Hangzhou New Asia International Co. About Nattokinase Powder,we will show Nattokinase Powder information include buy,price,cost,dosage manufacturer,suppliers and action.

Nattokinase Powder Nattokinase Powder. Xian Aladdin Biological Technology Co. App-Chem Bio Tech Co. Shanghai Vitaon Biotechnologies Co. Ningbo Hi-Tech Biochemicals Co. Web will send inquiry to all manufacturers,they will reply you directly. I want to get the price and information from all above manufactures directly.

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