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14 Best Box Mods & Vape Mods of 2018

This does come as a kit so may not be suitable for those wanting to use their own tank. Vaporesso revenger Also could you let me know what are the best but economiccal atomizers for the voopoo drag.

Box Mod/Vape Mod Buying Guide

Direct Ignition Coil Control with the MegaSquirt-II™ Processor

Smashed it right out the ballpark with the collaboration with Rig Mod. Simply a great quality mod with the design to match. The Geekvape Aegis vape mod is all about withstanding the elements. Unlike a lot of mods that claimed to be able to resists shocks and water the Aegis actually delivers. We have sat this in water, dropped it from head height a number of times and finally froze it in a container full of water for a full 3 days.

Impressive to say the least. Under the hood it has everything even the most advanced vape needs to get the most out of their vape. If you are on the wrong end of the clumsy scale this could be the mod for you. Read our full Geekvape Aegis review here. Aspire have been on a run lately with new device releases and the latest and our favourite to date is the Skystar W mod.

This definitely looks different than the normal mods we see, no gimmicky design, just a simple ergonomic mod that looks the doggies and feels great in the hand. The Skystar runs off two batteries giving a good amount of vaping time before a charge is needed dependent on wattage. It also has the features, such as TC, to keep even the most hardcore vaper happy. If you are a vaper that wants that padding in their available wattage and a mod capable of handling low resistance builds then this is one of the best options out there.

Straight off the bat the Captain offers excellent battery life from the two supplied batteries in the kit. The mod has all the other features you would expect from an advanced mod as well as a huge W power output. Our list starts at 30W and while these will still be overkill in terms of power output, the build quality and battery life are the big selling points and the features that will benefit you most.

If so you will need a box mod capable of handling coil resistances lower than 1. Most of the popular sub ohm tanks use coils around 0. Double check the coil resistance of your tank before buying a box mod to be sure they are compatible.

All of the devices below are sub ohm capable. I use a mix of tanks one of which is the Aspire Nautilus X. This is perfect for me and will likely be where a high percentage of sub ohm vapers will sit.

There are sub ohm tanks that come with 0. So if you can see yourself using coils in this range then be sure to buy a box mod with enough power. Or are you in the more advanced bracket of vapers that uses drippers almost exclusively?

This is still kind of similar to the advice given for sub ohm tank users above. You will need a device with a high wattage output that can handle low resistance builds.

Although if you are at this level then you likely know this already. It all depends on what resistance you are building at. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a unit with an integrated battery these are some of my favorite devices but they are in essence disposable products. When your battery dies the whole unit needs replacing.

This sounds worse than it is in reality. Under normal use a Lithium Ion battery should last a long long time although performance will degrade slightly over time. You will most likely be well on to your net shiny new box mod before the current one dies a death. This allows you to just replace the battery when it dies or decreases in performance rather than replacing the whole MOD. The most popular size of battery used is the You will also definitely need to learn what batteries are suitable for each device.

Read our guide on batteries for sub ohm vaping here. So there are lots of things to be clear with before making that purchase.

I am using a Vaporesso with a Veco tank. The problem is the EUC Clapton 0. Also is Vaporesso a decent make as I was considering getting the Revenger Kit with the NRG tank or would you suggest going down another route. I mainly want decent flavour from my experience. After that, my next addiction turned to mixing my own juices.

I now have favorite mixes, and know exactly what kind of wicking they need to ensure a full bodied hit every time. Right now I have an aspire speeder with a vandy vapes bonza rda running Clapton coils at about. More of a flavor chaser but big clouds are fun. Lots of mod options but the following are all good: Innokin Proton — http: Its awesome but already a bit old. Want a new one,similar kind.

My friend has Voopoo Drag and its great. Should i just buy new Alien or is there any similar vapes. If you fancy a change though, few others to take a look at though if you fancy a change.

SMOK Devilkin — http: Hey team, I am currently trying to decide between a vaporesso revenger and a voopoo drag and was wondering what your recommendation is between the two and why? Of the two I personally prefer the Voopoo Drag.

I am a newbie need help! I want one where you get the best in flavor and lasts as I used to smoke. By reading the post linked to that fully explains the difference to those that are new to vaping?? It helps in ensuring the right kind of product is recommended, both hardware and e-liquid. Obviously you have a one vape fits all kind of attitude.. I went from using a 20watt e leaf I stick now a 50watt aspire zelos. I have went through a few of each and I was hoping to get something that might last a little longer.

I am a MTL vapor I love my aspire nautilus mini top. I was wondering if mods thathave a removable battery would last longer and if so which one would you recommend for me? I usually only go up to about 10 or 11 watts because I seem to burn my coil if I go up to high. I sick on my mod all day lol. Removable battery mods can of course last longer as you can just replace the battery when it starts to diminish rather than changing the entire mod when you have an integrated battery. Never carry around loose batteries in your bag or pocket.

One more thing that will be good to invest in is an external charger. It will not only allow for safer charging but you will also be able to charge your spare battery so you will always have your mod powered up and ready to go, which as a heavy vaper will be good for you. I have been using an aspire breeze 2 to replace the cigarettes I would normally smoke when in the pub. I am not a massive cloud chaser but want a compact, well built and long battery lasting mod for direct to lung use.

But if you are looking for good battery life then this should be good. The Nautilus 2 does however provide more of a MTL vape similar to the Breeze, although you can take shorter direct to lung hits with the 0.

Jacvapour Series S 22 — Another good kit, easy to use with an excellent tank. However I was also thinking that having a replaceable battery might be useful especially when going to weekend festivals and stuff is there an option in this space that offers removable batteries so I can carry spares?

Neve carry loose batteries in a bag or pocket. Also, worth reading this vape battery guide as well. This is down to vaping with Nic Salts so definitely worth trying these out if you are looking to get the cravings under control. Hey Jonny, I just started the whole vape thing to give up smoking… not doing so great at that though.

The day I got back home I charged it up and filled it up but it just spat juice up the mouth piece, took it to a shop and they just said throw away the tank…. So my cousin in the UK has a Smok w alien kit she swears by, has not had a cigarette since getting it…. They are getting hard to find in NZ so would that be a good kit to get me off the smokes? I dont want to show off and make big ass clouds.. You may know Neil, but if not, there are two main types of vaping, mouth to lung and direct to lung.

The latter is what you would be getting with the Alien kit and included tank. The TFV8 tank that usually comes with the kit is also one of the thirstier tanks out there, it kicks out some clouds too! There are other great brands to keep an eye out for, Eleaf are making some very good quality product, the Invoke kit is very good.

I have been using the Voopoo Drag on a daily basis, top quality although the design may not be for everyone. Finally, Wismec are also one to look out for with the likes of the RX The main thing is to know what style of vape you are looking for from your tank. That will narrow things down. I would like to add a few of my experience as it feels good when a smoker quits smoking and we as a community should help each other. Contrary to what many reports, reviews, suggestions say on what to use as a beginner, I would say this is no rocket science that you need to graduate in progression.

You can start with the most advanced one that fits your needs and is safe and legitimate. Once you have the vaping hardware, you will learn and master it as time progresses. This saves money and also puts you on the right path to getting most benefit and enjoying vaping, thus helping you to get off cigarettes. This is end of the philosophical yet pragmatic view. If you already know, great. If limited awareness on this: Vaping differs from smoking as there is no combustion, which results in larger particle size distribution for nicotine to enter the blood stream.

Hence, the terms Mouth to Lung inhalation is used to get the max absorption rate, since if you inhale into your mouth and then try to take into your lungs, there is a lot of diffusion of nicotine, which kind of reduces the throat hit that you normally experience when you smoke. Not that you cannot do mouth to lung — you need to find your sweet spot and there are other tricks like reducing air intake quantity etc.

Perhaps you have already experienced this with your first vaping kit. Then there is the aspect of safety regarding current, resistance, power. Most of the accidents of fire with vaping devices happen due to batteries not being able to handle the heat produced due to a surge in current passing through them.

There is build of gases inside the battery and they explode due to over pressure and catch fire as there is flammable chemical inside it. Thus, it is safer to use vaping mods firing device where the battery is located that are regulated, i. For a fixed power, if resistance increases, current drops which means that for a very low resistance vaping coil, current is high.

In regulated devices, when you set your power to say 50W and you put in a coil of say x ohms, the device will adjust the voltage such that no more than a particular maximum current flows through and you can check that. It depends on number of batteries connected in series or parallel.

When you use unregulated device, it does not control the voltage but delivers maximum voltage based on the type, number and charge of the batteries inside. So you have only 1 parameter to adjust and that is the resistance of the coil.

If you use a very low resistance coil and the device used max voltage, there is a high potential for a very large current to pass through that the battery cannot handle and it can be a safety hazard.

Additionally, there also have been cases when the atomiser the part with the eliquid and coil that sits on top of the mod has a bad connection with the mod resulting in short circuit leading a large draw of current. Hence, here experience is required to know which atomiser is compatible with the unregulated mod. My personal take here, regulated mods are safer inherently, of course you have to take care which batteries you use as these are high voltage batteries usually more than 4 V — use only recognised makes e.

Sony, Samsung, Panasonic etc. With the above in mind the next step is to think and decide what type of mod. Criteria for choice here: A good compromise of all of these for me practically is replaceable type batteries and minimum 2 and maximum 3.

With 2, the device is nice and compact to fit in my shirt pockets and not too thick. Next criterion is which company mod to take. For 2x mod, there are many choices — look at the form factor of these mods. There are also other battery types but they are heavier, are most used in vaping and they are the same that go into your laptop battery 3 cell or 6 cell etc.

My top budget choices for mods with above criteria that I have bought: All of them do a good job, have a slightly different screen but what matters most is when you fire, it should do a good job. A quick vapor with every setting you have and less loss of current, better battery management and quicker menu adjustment and most importantly a reliable screen.

Smok Alien — I loved it however, the screen gets damaged quite soon. You can find on internet so many users had problem with the screen for Smok and most of the solutions work only for a short time and eventually you go blind.

I still use it as I know all the settings by heart and rest is my feeling of how the vapor feels but I cannot see excactly what power I am on and how much amps are going through or even what battery juice is left. It is like driving with eyes closed in the neighbourhood where you have been all the year, so you know the roads and the length out of your head: You can find local dealers and if you want to import, USA is the best or try Gearbest. Gearbest and Fasstech are China based but pretty cheap offers and excellent service.

Gearbest has nearly 24 hour live chat support — check the prices out. Why go for an advanced MOD as above even as a beginner? Because you will get straightaway the pleasure and satisfaction that will help you quit smoking. I started with a simpler kit but within 2 weeks switched to an advanced one and quit smoking. Simpler devices tubular pen like etc.

The vaping experience itself will grow gradually, just start with an advanced but safe device. Experiement with how you inhale and how you press the fire button and how much air inlet do you want.

If you need any info you can contact me through Twitter: I just need that nic buzz every so often and would like to whip out my vape when I need it. Is your tank OK? I was wondering if you could tell me the best option out of: Voopoo Drag 2.

Wismec predator 3. Also could you let me know what are the best but economiccal atomizers for the voopoo drag. I prefer the design and performance has been excellent. I personally use three tank setups regularly. Will the Aspire Cleito tank fit this unit or should I just stick with the stock tank? Yes and no… it fits on the CoolFire 4 no problem. But, not all coils will be good. I personally vape around W with the 0. May too cool a vape or feel underpowered for some but works for my personal tastes.

Just one last question please. I have been a smoker for many years and have been vaping for about a year now off-and-on, but I have yet to find a mod and juice combo that will allow a nice DTL experience. I know that there are a lot of variables involved, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. You never know when you may need that bit of extra power. You will also likely be able to increase your battery life. For mods with integrated batteries the Innokin Cool Fire ultra is one that has served me well and I use daily.

You will also be familiar with the form factor although chunkier and menu controls. And for the both of answers from you I need the best in real using forever only change the normal things?? Please try to helping me this week Best regards MaDo. Not heard of the Triton Mod before, do you have a link so I can check it out and better understand what you have?

We have only used two of the above though. Hi man I am relatively new to vaping and i am considering on buying the voopoo drag resign mod but i have very few knowledge on vaping on general and i am not sure what atomizer would work with this mod,considering the fact that i would like to play around wats.

Could you give your opinion on this or even suggest me any tank. Thank you for your time reading this. Uwell Valyrian — New tank that we recently reviewed and is great for flavour.

One I use regularly. Hi there Jonny, I could do with some help here. I got the eleaf pico 75W with the melo 3 tank and started vaping for about 2 months now in an effort to quit smoking. Especially now that I am getting into mixing my own juice I cant seem to be enjoying them.

I have tried my juices on drippers of friends and the more advanced mods that they have and they taste like heaven: Or maybe you have some other suggestion?? The TFV8 Baby does fit though. Would need to be careful with what coils you use.

You can check out what a couple of our reviewers thought of the tank here:. I still use and like the Aspire Cleito, the coils sometimes take one fill to get going on the flavour but when they do are very good. However the LCD on the alien stopped working and I went through all the fixes recommended on the web which ended in no result. I vape on both sub-ohm tanks and RDAs. I would appreciate if you give me some suggestions as well as the reasons backing them.

Another option to look out that is a recent iJoy Captain mods — The PD and the PD — Both pretty much the same apart from the type of batteries and size. And the Geekvape Aegis. If you read each review you will be able to get more of an insight into each and see if any fit your needs. Best vape on the market will be released at the end of this month. I want one where you get the best in flavour and lasts as I used to smoke and will be using it alot. Cleito is I think by far the best tank for flavour.

Can you recommend a box mod that will fire at 70w pretty much all day or that will at least last longer than a few hours. The Cleito certainly burns through some juice. As for battery life, the lower resistance the coil, the more power it draws from the battery in general. First off, it may be worth you trying the higher resistance coils for the Cleito, the 0.

I vape the 0. So straight away you are cutting down on the power required. As for mods with integrated batteries. You need to look for a device with a high mAh rating. Some of the largest in this respect are:. Not personally used it but Laura-Ann one of our reviewers covered this not so long back. You can see what she thought of it here. Hi I recently purchased the smok baby beast I love how you get the great flavour Only problem I have is I am burning through coils in a day or two I am a heavy vapour Do you have any suggestions please I usually purchase couls of Amazon do you think they could be fake?

Did you check if there was an authenticity scratch code on the pack and SMOK website? As you say you are a heavy vaper. The type of e-juice flavour, high VG combined with that of your regular vaping is the cause. There is a lot of heat going through these coils on a regular basis.

The cotton can only take so much. Also, last but not least, you may just have a batch of coils that are lasting a little less than another batch would.

Not ideal but sometimes, coils even if they are the same type , can have a difference in quality. It may also be worth you trying some different coils altogether with the Baby Beast Vicki to see if that improves things. I use these guys for my e-liquid and coils, always spot on. No need to spend anymore on a different mod!

Honestly, I want also to hear from you about this mod. Would you recommend a Smok Treebox Plus? Maybe worth checking out. Would you recommend the battery that you charge separately or the tc with the USB charge?

Not sure what one would be best. I also really like the look of the Vaporfi Vex 75 but see you have to order that from the US and makes it quite a bit more expensive. I like the look of these as they seem pretty simple to use. Which one would you recommend or are there any other ones you could recommend? The Cool Fire 4 TC is a solid device that has been a good performer for a long time, so can recommend that for sure. Of course the big difference is that when the batteries die in an integrated mod the whole device needs replacing, with the latter just the batteries.

Although you should still get plenty of use out of your mod before this happens. Yeah the Vex 75 is good but once you factor in shipping and possible duty charges it could be pretty expensive.

There are plenty of other good devices available though:. Aspire Zelos Innokin Coolfire Ultra. Thanks for the reply Jonny. A lot of options there, think I would prefer integrated battery as well so going to go with the cool fire 4 TC as it seems to be simple to use, good quality and seems pretty popular too! First off, do you want a mouth to lung or direct to lung sub ohm vape? Hi, thanks for all the info. I do need a new vape.

From the ones I tried at sensible prices they give a good vape and they just do the job. Straight off what I will say is the maximum tank capacity available to buy in the UK is 2ml. You can thank government regulations for that! If I remember correctly, the Subvod mega comes with the Toptank Mini tank that is a 4ml capacity. Double what you can legally buy in the UK. So first up, if you are happy with the flavour you are getting from the tanks you already have then you can still use these, they hold more e-liquid than anything else in available in the UK.

You will just have to buy a new battery. The benefit a variable wattage device will bring is giving you more control on the type of vape you want. You can also use different coil types in your tank and change the wattage accordingly. One important thing you will need to keep in mind if you decide to keep using the Kanger tank you have is the coils you use. If you use the 0. Without going into it too much, these coils use a material that should only be used in TC mode.

Both the below have good battery life and can be used in temperature mode. The Zelos is the smaller of the two. If you know Richard, let me know what type of coils you currently use. If you do want a new tank, let me know if you want a mouth to lung or direct to lung style tank. A lot of info I know but if you can let me know some more info on your preferences I can be more specific. Hi Ive been looking for a new mod and would like one that I can screw both sub ohm tanks and rdtas on 2 around watts any suggestions.

Hey Ronan, the recommended mods above are all good. The Alien is more wattage than you state at W but still a very good option. Other suggestions nearer the W mark would be the Voopoo Drag mod which we found to be great. That has a W output. On the face of it, it does seem like you should be able to get more than 35W on the 0. It is rated, by Vaporesso, for use between W. I, for example, still use the Aspire Cleito tank on a regular basis.

I use the 0. I actually vape this between W. It can also come down to the flavours you are using. Some work better at higher wattages, some lower. Again, this is effected massively by the type of juice. Sweeter e-liquids for instance will gunk up coils and result in shorter life. Try the different coils that are available with the Veco tank. From a quick look there are a number of different ones available. You may just get on better with a different coil.

And I guess if you are getting flavour below 35W and you are happy with it just carry on. No need to vape at the higher wattages the coil recommends. Last but not least. Thanks for getting back.

I gave up on the clapton Traditional coil and moved on to the ceramic 0. Flavour is a huge difference but at the same time has a cool draw and misses that throat hit grrr. Now i read that the ceramic coil is a butty unhealthy due to shards of glass etc ……man can i ever win. Thanks about just getting the Tank …. I never even thought about doing it that way tbh. Its hard to get vaporesso coils full stop in the UK.

I like these GT coils look…. If i get will report back. Your getting closer it seems! Hey Dunk, I can comment on your problem since I had the exact same one. Those Vaporesso Veco tanks are crap in my opinion. I switched to Smok TFV8 Baby Beast — the coil that comes pre-installed with that will knock your head off with flavor, guaranteed.

I fancy the look of the Smok alien and the innokin cf4 but need help on choosing a tank. But also would you be able to explain why you made each particular recommendation.

Thanks in advance for your time. The Cool Fire 4 for instance has a lower wattage output 40W still enough for most vapers and an integrated battery. So you will have to buy batteries separately as well as an external charger for safe charging.

If looking for an integrated battery mod, maybe to cover yourself for future sub ohm tank purchases the Innokin CoolFire 4 Plus or TC should also be considered. All good options though. Tee other we would recommend is the Aspire Nautilus 2. If you upgrade to Direct to lung vaping Sub Ohm in time there are plenty of tank options, for our latest sub ohm tank recommendations have a look here.

Just keep in mind that the lower resistance the coil the more wattage you will need. Thanks for such a quick and comprehensive response Jonny. I should have added it was the al85 mini I was considering.

I see, no problem! Been vaping for about months. But i think i should upgrade at least the mod. Most important thing would be the battery, i would love a long lasting battery. And maybe a short opinion on what i have? You will also need a good, external charger. The new iJoy Captain PD is a good option as well for battery life. In most places the batteries needed come with the mod in a kit. Can you advise me.. The only thing I would change abouts your set up mate is your tank, if you want a fat as fook cloud change to a limitless XL , watt with your OHMs as low as 0.

What would you recommend? Hi Martin, you can check out our top rated sub ohm vape tanks here. I am looking for the best box mod kit to buy this , for cloud chasing. Hey guys sorry to butt in your conversation but another great mod is the smok g-priv w touch screen mod kit with tfv8 big baby beast.

I bout two rainbow kits one for keeping one for using and the kit is only 91 dollars there is nothing bad to say about the g-priv smoke makes amazing mods and tanks my go to brand. Thanks for your addition Andrew! Yup Smok have made some great mods and tanks recently. The following are all good: The Smoant Battlestar is catching on in the forums, as is the Hogmtech G2.

Also, eLeaf has the new qc lipo mod. Ipv 3 Li is better due to light weight, great battery life with the Yihi chip, and built like a tank. My iStick tc is not very responsive. Others can easily auto fire if not extra cautious. A review will be up in the next few days for that and they should be available anytime now. A screen glows from within this frame displaying temperature, wattage, volts, resistance, and battery charge. You can lock the VTube 5. A spring-loaded pin and connector with an eGo adapter allows vapers to select other tanks as well as the Phazer, but the two parts suit each other well.

An battery comes out the bottom which is also vented to let out heat. The battery is included, but being able to remove it saves a lot of time. Just swap for a fresh cell and keep going without having to attach your mod to a cable so as to continue vaping. Buy The VTub e: VaporFi Vice Starter Kit.

The mAh Vice also comes with a sub ohm tank but 1. It is USB-charged like the Edge with its built-in cell, but whereas the Edge tank holds 7 ml, this one is just only deep enough to contain 2. Airflow is controllable, however, and the battery is protected against low voltage or a short-circuit. They receive a 3-ml tank with 0. The chip inside Mig Vapors vape pen regulates the Minion at 3.

The Minion tank features a stainless steel mouthpiece and comes with two coils. Halo Cigs Tracer Starter Kit. Hardware constructed from SS protects the tank, topped by a wide glass mouthpiece.

Halo throws in a bottle of their famous, tasty e liquid so their deal is sweeter than most. The public chooses vaporizers based on a number of factors. They look for devices that are easy to use and economical.

They want items they can fill with more than one material: Some consumers are more concerned with price than with quality, but usually it follows that if a device is high quality, it pays for itself in a short time. Alternatively, they last but burn herbs instead of vaporizing them. Take a look at your options if you want to buy a vapor pen in Out of these, only the Pro Series 3 receives the sorts of ratings to inspire confidence. A customer can hold one of these units in his or her hand and walk around discretely with the product.

They are light, stealthy, and each one is a little different from the other aesthetically. A digital screen allows for precise temperature settings. At least these devices are packaged with a few pieces like screens and cleaning utensils. Find a place that provides free shipping too if you are buying a vaporizer online. The Mighty, its smaller cousin the Crafty, and the Vapium Summit offer something different: Usually you know your mod is ready for vaping by the figures on a screen or the color of light.

The PAX 2 features a color-changing X-shaped light while there are 5 different light colors corresponding to 5 heat settings on the Arizer Air. As a side note, all of these devices produce excellent vapor.

Those three plus the KandyPens K-Vape offer something very special in a portable device: Conduction can be perfectly fine with some materials, especially those requiring higher heat like concentrates, but with herbs there is always the chance that overheating will create burnt herbs, defeating the very purpose you purchased a vaporizer in the first place.

Convection heating is thorough, efficient, and flavorful but does require a little more heat-up time than the conduction method: Most of the popular portable vape pens come with rechargeable batteries. Some of them are built into a unit the Mighty and Crafty and some can be swapped for newly charged cells the Prima and Firefly, for instance.

There are pros and cons to either one. Not having to remove the cell means there is one less movable and removable piece to lose or break; two, in fact, because you could lose the battery and the door. Replacing batteries with recharged ones means going wireless all the time but also having to be ready with fresh cells. A single battery vaporizes anything you like: This is thanks to a series of cartridges compatible with the power base.

In the case of a V2 Pro Series 3, parts connect magnetically and the base knows automatically when you are vaporizing via a digital code on the chamber. A Pro Series 7 is controlled by the user. For many vapers, this is the epitome of versatility since they are not loyal to a specific type or brand of material.

They want to do it all or are sharing a vaporizer with someone else. Versatility, in their case, is cost efficient. A KandyPens Skycloud comes in numerous colors. The DaVinci Ascent can be customized so it is covered in any one of several patterns or shades which can also be mixed in any way you like. Several vaporizers are finished in black or a dark shade for stealth rather than good looks. How you feel about design has a lot to do with your attitudes and the attitudes of those around you.

Are they laid back or judgmental? Select a pen to match your circumstances. A disguise could also be helpful.

Which Box MOD Is The Best? We Take A Look At Our Top Picks For 2018

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