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17 Easy DIY Hammock Stand Plans & Ideas

Clara Bester January 18, at

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Can be hard to fit in a sedan trunk if the struts are too long put the seats down! The design is similar to the Handy Hammock design but the force distribution varies depending on construction. This is a fairly simple design, but solid anchoring is very important. If the design is tweaked so the struts are at a degree angle, more compressive forces are placed on the struts instead of pulling directly up on the stakes.

This anchored pole design can be used when you only have one tree or support to anchor your hammock. Let me reiterate the importance of good anchoring with these stands. I recommend getting 2 ft 61 cm or longer rebar as stakes and pounding them in at a degree angle away from the struts for maximum support.

Can be hard to fit in a sedan trunk if the struts are too long. I will say that this stand is complicated to build. There are much easier stands to construct and assemble in the field.

When this design was first attempted, a lot of people wondered if it would be free-standing. The stand requires some good anchoring to prevent tipping, especially with one occupant. I tried making this stand using sections of fence pipe. If you use pole sections, be sure the sections have strong couplings and do not bend. Derek rediscovered the wonders hammock camping 16 years later in Virginia, and has been avoiding the ground ever since.

An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping. What is the difference or advantage s between 9ft and 12ft? Here is the link to their site: Wow I had no idea that there were people out there that loved hammocks as much as me.

I slept strictly out of a hammock for two years while I lived in the yucatan peninsula. I love the research you have done! I think I like the portable pipe or the Byer of maine vario stands. I want something that comes apart and can put in the back of a car or truck. If anyone has any other ideas i would love to know!

I have an Eno hammock also so will be multi use. Wow, you have some great info here! I have been in search of a portable hammock stand for years. Not sure yet how long the electric conduit will have to be, but with their available Rail and Leg Extension Plugs, I should be able to cut them to a manageable size.

Also curious about proper distance between posts. The whole set up should come to lbs. It would seem to meet my other specs of needing no anchors points, packable, easy to set up…age creeping up, losing strength, and arthritic fingers.

Have you seen this product yet? Several of us have made the stands and they are working great. I am very intrested in the portable hammock stand. Would like to know the price and can it be courier to Rustenburg. Is the shop in RSA? I just got an eno solopod for my eno dn.

This is a very good,but expensive stand. I used marine anchor line with a ridgeline that held everything in place even when the hammock was removed. I also had a smaller, 4. The distance between the poles is based on the length of your hammock, which is attached to each pole by endless loops larksheaded around each pole. The hammock is attached with biners. Very portable, but you still need those heavy stakes,and a sledge to drive them in.

At the beach you can bury hubcaps in the sand in the place of stakes. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Best sellers Previous page. Top rated Previous page. Lightweight Double Camping Hammock - Adjustable Hammock Straps Tropical Breeze Lightweight Tropical Breeze Hammock Straps. Walkabout Adventure Outfitters Adjustable Two Tree Hammock Co. Most wished for Previous page. Sonyabecca Hammock Chair Macrame Swing Vivere Brazilian Double Sunbrella Carousel Caribbean Hammocks Chair with Footrest - Hot new releases Previous page.

Hammocks Rada- Handmade Yucatan Hammock Hammock Swing Chair for yeas Old Kids Lucky for you, I have taken it upon myself to provide you with a list of 18 hammock stands that will help you create your own unique relaxing retreat. In just one weekend, you will be relaxing in style. The great thing is that these hammock stand projects are simple and easy to complete. They are beginner friendly and creative.

Choose any one of the hammocks stands on the list and enjoy all your summers henceforth. After you've used a plan to build your DIY hammock stand, you can use it to build a hammock , Adirondack chair , or picnic table and then move onto a bigger building project like a deck , pergola , gazebo , pavilion , tree house , and much more.

Needless to say, this is a simple design that is clearly easy to build and budget friendly. The wooden hammock stand is built to be attractive and sturdy. I love the fact that it can be built in one afternoon and is a project that kids can also join in and bond with their parents. For the success of this project, you will need a 2x4s board, 0. In addition to this, you also will need some nuts, washers measuring tape, deck screws, a chop saw and a paddle bit.

The images in the step-by-step instructions will help you get a proper visual of the end product. If you are looking for a guide on how to build a hammock stand, this is the one for you. It is true escaping to your backyard for a relaxing time can be difficult without a hammock.

With this DIY project, however, you can enjoy a professional looking hammock stand. The hammock stand by the DFO Home blog is sturdy and beautiful. I love the fact that it does not rely on having trees to build. The blog guides you through building a simple pergola that can safely support your weight in the hammock. The blog tutorial features a list of all materials required as well as images complimenting the step-by-step instructions.

This is probably the most creative hammock stand on this list. Having a hammock does not mean you are relegated to enjoying your nap and relaxing time in only one part of your backyard. On the contrary, if you want to move around with the shade of your tree or whatever, you can build this portable hammock stand. Sure some bit of physics knowledge has gone into creating this safe hammock stand. But do not let this scare you away, the blog tutorial has simplified the building process for you.

If you have trees in your home that are close to each other, building a hammock is simply tying its ends to the trees. But this does not mean that those who have only single trees or none at all are doomed. The See Girls Blog tutorial shares the grand idea of building a hammock stand on one tree. But how will the hammock be supported?

Easy, you will build a sturdy pole on the other end of the tree. The process of building this sturdy post can be tricky but the blog tutorial simplifies the process for you. Most hammock stands are designed to accommodate single persons. Sure a couple can stretch the limits of the hammock stand from time to time, but they are safely used by one person at a time.

If you want to use a hammock stand 3 persons at a go, consider this amazing hammock stand. The Ultimate Hang blog tutorial will guide you on how to make a hammock of this caliber. It is strong and can be trusted to support a lot of weight. Simple and elegant are the two words that can be used to explain the project.

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