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Gigi Leung

10 Chinese Celebrities in Successful Relationships with Foreign Husbands

The success of the movie brought her a further role in Full Throttle , shot while she was finishing her diploma. Her singing career began the following year with the debut album Love Myself Since then, she has sung both Cantonese and Mandarin songs.

She has a contract with Warner Music Hong Kong, with more than a dozen albums to her name. She has performed in several full-scale live concerts including one entitled Funny Face in Since , Leung has starred in over 20 movies, most of which are dramas and comedies.

In , she starred with Takeshi Kaneshiro in Warner Bros. She has also performed in a number of stage musicals including The Great Entertainer Other works include the Cantonese narration for the Japanese film Quill Leung is also active in charity work.

Apart from being the ambassador for different charities, she has helped to build 7 schools in Mainland China to help poor children.

She also held numerous other special titles to numerous organisations. In July , she was reported to be in a relationship with a furniture designer from France, known only as Sly. Gigi Leung's Sina microblog account has up to , followers, most of them her young fans.

On 30 March , she blogged about the unjustly jailed Zhao Lianhai , whose five-year-old son fell victim to poison milk and developed kidney stones. The father-turned-activist began to use various means to voice his grievances. After receiving a message from the website's administrator, Gigi Leung then deleted the relevant blog, which resulted in hundreds of supportive messages from her fans.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Leung. Sergio Crespo Gutes m. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Archived from the original on 8 December Retrieved 7 April Retrieved 2 June Retrieved 13 July Although dating for only a few months, Gigi and Sergio knew that it was their destiny to meet and spend their lives together. He is a very caring husband and also a great cook.

It also turns out that the loving couple has been trying to have a child for some time. However, Gigi suffered from a case of periarthritis, where her shoulder would become stiff and be limited in the movement. Prior to meeting Sergio, Gigi used to care too much about what everyone thought about her. Aberdeen , Gigi Leung , Sergio. This is like the big bad wolf looking for prey.

Somemore offer her a drink. The first rule is, never go with a stranger. Even US school children are taught that from very young, Gigi. It makes you sound stupid. Also, people buy drinks for other people world over, even in HK and Asia. You need to get out of the house a bit more. How many women got spiked and date raped in America because of that?

Stop teaching others to let off their guard, you should let off your condescending atypical we-know-best western culture tone. This is an Asian forum. In the end of it all, it only makes you look and sound stupid. You really need to see more and understand the world than holed up in your white picket fence brick house with flowers in the lawn.

In an interview, Gigi said that she went backpacking with a Spaniard tour guide to show her around Spain and he introduced her to a group of people. Her husband was one of them. It is good to get out more and be more open,but at the same time be careful as well because many drinks are spiked and women get raped because of it. I think when he tried to buy her a drink, he was only thinking of hooking up for a quick shag with some easy-Chinese chick.

I was wondering about that because they supposed to be both living in HK. So what does he do other than relying on her support. JayneStars is now hiring entertainment news writers.

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